Become a retailer of wine accessories

Wineandbarrels collaborates with retailers of wine equipment throughout Europe.

Jewellery stores, kitchen companies, wine retailers, interior decorators and others with customers interested in the wonderful world of wine, work closely with us thanks to our large own production, a wide range of high quality wine products and wine accessories, and at highly profitable wholesale prices.

See our wholesale webshop and apply to be a reseller here.

Our range of vintage accessories for wholesale includes:

• Wine cooler cabinets

• Wine fridges

• Wine racks

• Wineglasses

• Corkscrews

• Danish design products

• Much more of the delicious for your wine

Wine accessories in jewellery stores

Jewellers and goldsmiths are among our good partners reselling equipment for e enjoyment of the good wine experience.

We offer extremely beneficial wholesale prices on a wide range of products suitable for jewellery retail stores.

There are lots of nice Danish designed products with exclusivity towards retailers and end users.

Wine retailers selling wine accessories

Wineandbarrels's wine retailer collaborators finds a range of specially adapted products and prices, all thanks to our large in-house production and consequential exclusivity on the market.

Wine shops and their customers are basically the same kind of people as us here at Wineandbarrels. We are all wine lovers who love to share the joy of a good glass of wine.

Therefore, we are proud to cooperate closely with retailors offering good wholesale agreements and terms.

Wholesale dealer of wine equipment - interior decoration and lifestyle home accessories

As an interior design retail store, interior design consultant or kitchen company, you will as a wholesale partner have the back-up of a highly specialized and professionally extremely competent partner in Wineandbarrels.

In addition to you establishing and upholding a stock on the price-competitive products you want to resell, you can always rely on our in-house professionals from the wine, hospitality and interior-design industries.

Wine fridge wholesale resellers

As a wholesaler of wine coolers, Wineandbarrels will support you with highly beneficial prices, which ensures you a solid advantage in a strongly competitive market.

A wine-cold dealership partner always has a safe backing support from the Wineandbarrels team of specialists in interior decoration and the many aspects of wine, including proper storage and serving.

Wine racks wholesale

Wine racks are today in many ways regarded as part of interior design on the same level as any other furniture for the home.

As a retail stockist of our wine racks, you are guaranteed a solid and competent partner that allows you to provide the best service and products for your customers’ wine bottles.

See our wholesale webshop and apply to be a reseller here.

Expectations for you as a retailer of wine accessories

Once you have applied to become a reseller, we will establish a dialogue with you as soon as possible. It is very important that your business and concept fits our universe as we always go for a long-term relationship.

Basically, we expect you to keep your own inventory of the products you want to negotiate. Contact us to hear more.