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June's selected showcase

June's selected showcase – From gym to fine wine cellar

Every month we select the showcase of the month. It can be a wine cellar, a wine room or a beautiful installation of a wine cooler.

EVERYONE CAN ENTER – All you have to do is submit one or more pictures of your installation (purchased from us) and we will select a winner each month. 
You submit the pictures and participate in the competition at info@wineandbarrels.com.

This year’s showcase wins a luxury stay at the southern French Château De Fontager, including dinner and visits to selected vineyards. 


Customers: Private

Product:  Caverack wine racks in burned pine

Flaskekapacitet: 180 bottles

Location: Copenhagen - Denmark




When Henrik was faced with renovating his gym after water damage in the basement, he saw a golden opportunity to realise his dream: to create a dedicated wine room.
The result is a testament to vision and creativity, built up by beautiful Caverack wine racks.


A room with potential

Even though the room measures only 4 square metres and lies one stair down from the basement, it feels bigger thanks to the ceiling height of 2.5 metres.
After the water damage, the room was completely renovated and Henrik was ready to give the room new life.
He chose Caverack wine racks in burnt pine, which not only add functionality but also a warm glow to the room’s atmosphere.



Personal touch and professional finish

Henrik decided to install LED strips behind the wine racks, adding atmospheric lighting and highlighting the beautiful features of the burnt pine.
This detail contributes to a cosy and inviting wine cellar.
To complete the room, a bricklayer has erected the walls and laid Italian tiles, while Henrik himself has added the fun wooden elements originating from wine boxes in the ceiling, which complement the room’s rustic charm.


Smooth process and satisfaction

Henrik worked closely with us during the design phase, and with a few adjustments, the shelves were implemented without any problems.
He is extremely satisfied with the finished result, which was inaugurated with a few bottles of champagne, enjoyed in the lounge that he has set up in front of the wine cellar.


Function and shape

With a room temperature of 16 degrees, the original desire to use the room as a living space was changed to a cosy seat outside.
This small arrangement allows guests as well as Henrik himself to enjoy the view of the wine cellar while enjoying a good glass of wine.

The room is intended as storage space for Henrik’s carefully selected investment wines and fine vintage bottles, but so far Henrik is not buying wine, but his dream is blossoming.

Henrik’s wine cellar is an example of how a challenge can be turned into an opportunity.

With the right materials, creative thinking and a passion for wine, he has created a beautiful and functional space that will delight any wine lover.

If you have been inspired and would like us to help you with your wine installation, our team of experts is always ready to help. We have skilled designers who can help you design your favourite wine room based on your wishes. 

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