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The best deals on demo models, expired goods and prototypes.

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Here you will find an overview of the best offers on wine racks. This way you can easily get an overview of all wine racks, with a solid cut in the price.

The great discounts solely indicate that these are a good wine racks at the very best price.

Best buy

Prices are super sharp and cut down to make sure you find the best buy right here. The reason why these goods have been reduced in price varies.

Good deals often come from a need for space in our showroom shop, and therefore we have some sort of constantly ongoing outlet. There may also be outgoing models with a significant cut in the price tag.

Wine racks as demos

Racks labelled “demo model” has been part of the exhibition in our shop in Hillerød, Denmark or they have been around at trade shows as an exhibition item. Demos are unique good deals with no flaws except for one or two possible small traces from use. Sometimes there is literally nothing to remark other than the solid price cut.

Generally, the original wrapping does not come with the demo models. This alone may explain the low price. Often the wine racks are already assembled for you, so you do not have to worry about assembly.

The details of the individual product appear in the description of each item when you click on it. Of course, we will ensure that the product is packed well so that they will safely arrive to you. Discount in the price of a wine rack can also be due to minor damage to the packaging due to transport from the manufacturer.

In this case you will find quite a bargain if you can do without the original packaging.

Wine racks prototypes

As we often participate in the development phase of new wine racks, you can be fortunate to do a great deal with one of our unique prototypes.

The prototypes are of course all fully functional and thus very good at the price.

Demo and terms 

Of course, the same terms apply to special offers and demo models as with all our other wine racks.