Vinobox is synonymous with quality and high storage capacity at the best price

Wine storage that fit your needs

Vinobox presents a series of wine coolers to meet the vast majority of consumer needs

The beauty of the series of wine coolers nicknamed by us as the X-Series from Vinobox is the simplicity and the broadness of the range. The formula is constructed from only three criteria that you will have to take into consideration. Once you have your answer to the three variables, you also have the answer to which cabinet that suits you best.

1. Choose the right size

The wine coolers are available in three basic sizes. The size is measured by the height of the cabinet and the amount of Bordeaux bottles the cabinet can hold.

The smallest model has room for 40 bottles in a closet of 83 cm of height. The medium sized model of 112 cm can hold 110 bottles, and finally there is the largest model with a capacity of 168-200 bottles in a cabinet measuring 180 cm.

2. Select exterior design

This is also quite simple. The Vinobox wine coolers are available with two types of front design: black or stainless steel. All cabinets have black sides, top and interior. So the choice is up to you when it comes to the glass door.

There is a detail concerning the handles that you should take into consideration. In the black version the handle is incorporated in the side of the frame, so that the handle is almost invisible. With the steel frame on the other hand, the handle is mounted in a way that it becomes a significant and clear element in the cabinet design.

3. Cooling zones

This is the major question. Do you want a wine cabinet with one or two temperature zones? To answer this question, try to clarify what you need closet for.

Wine coolers with a single temperature zone can keep the same temperature within all of the cabinet, as the name suggests. Such a cabinet is mainly used for long-term wine storage keeping the bottles at a completely stable temperature around 11 to 16°C.

Dual zone wine coolers are primarily used as a service cabinet. Here, you can set a temperature between 10 and 18°C in the lower half of the cabinet and a second temperature setting between 5 and 10°C in the upper half of the refrigerator.

That way you can keep an assortment of bottles of white wine, sparkling or dessert ready for service in the cold zone at, for example 8°C. At the same time you can have a stock of red wines in the slightly warmer zone downstairs at for example 17°C, which is a good temperature for serving most red wines.

Standard equipment

Once you have made up your mind concerning the above mentioned three criteria, you will realise, that besides these specific choices there is a whole lot features, that come with every Vinobox wine cooler:

  • Constant and steady temperature with built-in fan
  • UV protective glass door
  • Minimimal vibration as refrigeration compressors are mounted on vibration absorbing rubber
  • Fully equipped with extendable and nice wooden shelves
  • Lockable doors in the two largest models (110 and 168/200 bottles)
  • LED lighting. The light can be turned on or off by pushing a button (available only in the two largest models. In the small 40 bottles model light turns on when the door opens)
  • Monitoring. Digital display with temperature control and indicator lights
  • Low noise thanks to the latest compressor technology

Finally there is the price. Vinobox is among the best wine coolers, where you get the largest bottle storage capacity for your money.