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January's selected showcase

January's selected showcase - when wine storage becomes art

Every month we select the showcase of the month. It can be a wine cellar, a wine room or a nice installation of a wine cooler.

EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE - All you have to do is send one or more pictures of your installation (purchased from us), and then we will select a winner every month.
You send the photos and participate in the competition at the same time to info@wineandbarrels.com.

This year's showcase wins a luxury stay at the southern French Château Fontager to the value DKK 10,000.



Kunden: Privat

Moduler: Caverack wine rack in oak

Flaskekapacitet: approw. 230 bottles

Location: Odense - Denmark

It is often when renovating the house or new construction that we see a popular trend. A trend that makes way for a dedicated wine room. Many homeowners choose to embrace this luxurious addition as an elegant and functional way to utilize space.

In what follows, we visit Pernille and Morten and explore how they smartly and stylishly integrated a wine room into their house.

Pernille and Morten's home has undergone an impressive transformation through a major renovation. This has left them with a beautiful living room that is open to the dining room in conjunction with the kitchen. The renovation left them with a white wall and a built-in cabinet and that led them to an idea – a wine room.

The house also contains a large cellar, where it would otherwise have been obvious to make a wine room, but Morten was glad that they did not choose that idea. He enjoys the wine room every day and he would not have done that to the same extent if it was in the cellar.
"The wine room itself is like a painting in the living room, which provides coziness" describes Morten with a smile. Two elegant New Yorker doors not only provide access to the wine collection, but also add a design element to the living room.


The wine room is made up of Wineandbarrels Caverack oak wine racks. The color tones of the Caverack modules in oak perfectly match the elegant oak parquet floor, which also extends throughout the house.

The well-thought-out design in the wine room includes pull-out shelves that make it easy for Morten to inspect and adjust his wines. "I can find myself going into the wine room and fixing the wine a bit and enjoying the room" he shares enthusiastically.
With space for around 230 bottles, Morten and Pernille have created a space that not only stores wine, and thus has a functional solution, but they have also created an aesthetic space that functions as a work of art when sitting in the living room.

An important element for the couple was the visibility of the room. It is positioned so that they can sit on the sofa or at the dining table and see the room and the wines. In this way, the wine room becomes not just a storage space, but a work of art and a topic of conversation among guests.

Although Pernille was initially skeptical of the idea of a wine room in the middle of the living room, as she did not think their wine interest was big enough to prioritize a wine room, she has now changed her mind. It has added a new aspect to their lives. "The room comes with a responsibility, and Morten is more into wine now than before he got it" says Pernille smiling.

Morten and Pernille's wine room is not just a storage place for wines; it is a work of art, a topic of conversation and a source of joy and togetherness.

Vinandbarrels is thrilled to have contributed to making their vision a reality and looks forward to continuing to provide unique and exclusive wine storage solutions to anyone who may have the dream.

Read more about the possibilities for a wine room here.

If you want to see more of Pernille and Morten's renovation, you can find inspiration on Pernille's Instagram profile here: PERNILLE FRIIS, DK @pernullefriis.


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