Wine accessories

Wine accessories

Here you will find everything you need in wine accessories such as corkscrews, champagne sabres, wine gift sets, pouring spouts, decanter funnels, wine coolers, bottle brushes for carafes, wine corks, equipment for the wine cellar, serving-barrels, wooden crates for wine and much more.


Sabling Champagne is the big draw when the party needs an extra touch. Here you will find a wide range of champagne sabres.

You’re sure to find a champagne sabre that fits your bubble bottle. See how to stack champagne here.


Coravin is a revolutionary method of tasting a bottle of wine, glass by glass, over a period of up to six months. A needle penetrates the cork, and while pouring a glass of wine, the void fills with the noble argon gas. The most ingenious invention for the wine lover since the corkscrew.


Opening a bottle of wine is where adventure begins. We have a wide range of corkscrews with spiral, screw or two legs. There is the waiter’s corkscrew, the two-arm Ah-So corkscrew and the strong wall-mounted corkscrew.

Saliva bucket for wine tasting

To keep wine tasting great, there’s equipment to help you. A saliva bucket can be your best friend. Spitting out wine may sound like a shame at first glance, but if you don't, it will be difficult to concentrate through a full tasting. Here you can see how to hold a wine tasting.

Winged set

We are seeing a strong demand for wine gift sets. It could be for the man who has everything, for the curious wine enthusiast or just a really good gift to spread joy.

Wine service

The wine service is equipped centrally. A good wine cooler is essential. If you love port wine, a filtered decanting funnel will quickly become your favourite tool. Here you can also find a beautiful pouring spout and many other smart things that make your wine experience a little better.

Storage of wine glasses

When not in use, your glass storage needs to be in place. Here we have a good selection of special brushes for carafe cleaning. There are also the ingenious glass holders you can mount on the wall or under a shelf or cupboard. And then there are the champagne stoppers, which are available in many versions. You can find it all here.

Watch a video here where our sommelier, Michael Kahr Jørgensen, demonstrates how to hand-dry a wine glass without it breaking. 


Hygrometer for wine cellar

In the wine cellar equipment category, we have hygrometers and other measuring equipment as well as a smart air humidifier for if your wine room is a little too dry. And have you seen the chic lamps, where the bottom is cut out of a champagne bottle?


With IFAwine, you can aerate a wine in a few minutes. Something that usually takes at least an hour.

The latest in monitoring the conditions under which your wine is stored is called Sensorist. It is simply so smart and simple a system that it is difficult for us to get our hands down.

Wooden boxes for wine are incredibly decorative and at the same time very practical. We have a large selection of boxes with or without print.

Wine glasses and wine carafes

See also our wide selection of wine glasses and carafes.


Gorgeous art posters with a wine motif. Available in several colours and sizes. In the finest way, the experience is conveyed, and the pleasure of a good glass of wine. The sensual female figures in the poster series are created using the artist’s unique one-line technique, which gives them a simple and sophisticated expression.


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