1. Corona virus (Covid-19) announcement

    Corona virus (Covid-19) announcement

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    Dear customer, In light of the Corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak we have decided that most of our employees will be working from home for the next two weeks. As a consequence there will only be a very limited number of staff present at...

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  2. Interview: Say It With Champers

    Interview: Say It With Champers

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      Didier Penine is founder of the personalised Champagne company Say It With Champers, that is based in the UK. Didier comes from at long line of French Champagne producers and is a passioned Champagne connoisseur himself. We...

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  3. How to hold a wine glass

    How to hold a wine glass

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    Here you will find the explanation to why there is a proper way of holding a wine glass. There is a professional reason to swirl the wine in the glass! Do it properly and make your taste buds happy.

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