Crazy about wine – What to drink with oysters?

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Crazy about wine – What to drink with oysters?

Crazy about wine – What to drink with oysters?

It is oyster season and let’s just be honest, who eats oysters without anything to drink? Even though oysters might not be the extravagant delicacy that it once was, it is still of the ocean’s most delicious fruits and has the potential to be a true gastronomic experience.


But what should this wonderful fruit de la mer be accompanied with? Most people will perhaps immediately jump on the champagne waggon, and this is often a classic match on New Year's Eve. This is by no means wrong or forbidden, and there is undoubtedly something delightfully decadent and wonderful about washing down with the world’s most famous wine.

The challenge with champagne to oysters lies with the very intense sea- and saltwater taste from the oyster, which in worst-cast scenarios can completely overpower the taste of the champagne. And what a shame! The reason for this is the relatively low amount of alcohol in champagne (typically 12-12.5 %), which results in the champagne drowning (pun intended) in the taste of the oyster.

If you choose to go with champagne, it is recommended to choose one of the fresh and lighter types and remember plenty of lemon on the oysters to provide some counterplay to the taste of the sea.


Other options

However, there are luckily other options as well. One of the more surprising alternatives is sherry from Spain. Due to its pure taste, hight amount of alcohol, and its dry nature, this Spanish fortified wine is an excellent palate cleanser after the intense taste of the oyster. There are several different types of sherry, but if you go for a Fino or a Manzanilla, you won’t be far off.

If you prefer white wine, the green grapes also offer some options. A good match is a Sauvignon Blanc from Loire and more specifically, Sancerre. Sauvignon Blanc is characterized by its high level of acidity and minerality, and when it comes from Sancerre it also has a distinct chalky and minerally expression, which also describes an oyster quite accurately.

When it comes to glasses, this is an entire science in itself. The most important thing, however, is that you think that the glass looks nice, and that it feels comfortable to hold. Hopefully, it will be used on many occasions!

But whether you are on the sherry-, white wine- or the champagne team, we have a glass for everyone. Even though champagne glasses often are distinguished by their slim and tulip formed shape, the following from Riedels Veritas series is also an excellent alternative. The slightly broader surface releases the aromas whilst the constriction at the top still contains the bubbles in the glass. For the same reason, this glass can also easily be used for both sherry and white wine.



Storing, serving, and presentation of oysters

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise for anyone that oysters need to be stored chilled. For the most part, they also need to be served and enjoyed chilled (unless they oysters have been prepared in the oven), and here the sky is the limit.

Few things in life are more beautiful though than a large amount of oysters lain on or a big pile of ice with accompanying lemon wedges and a small bowl of vinaigrette consisting of red wine vinegar and finely chopped red onions. For this presentation, the use of a champagne cooler is an obvious and elegant solution, which will both keep the oysters cold and present the dish in a classy way.

To keep the beverage cold (and if a wine cooler isn’t available), the next best thing is a bottle cooler like this one from Viners. Simple, practical, and presentable.



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