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May's selected showcase

May's selected showcase – A beautiful and different wine experience underground

Every month we select the showcase of the month. It can be a wine cellar, a wine room or a beautiful installation of a wine cooler.

EVERYONE CAN ENTER – All you have to do is submit one or more pictures of your installation (purchased from us) and we will select a winner each month. 
You submit the pictures and participate in the competition at

This year’s showcase wins a luxury stay at the southern French Château De Fontager, including dinner and visits to selected vineyards. 


The customer: : Private

Modules and materials: Caverack in oak

Bottle capacity: approx. 500 bottles + several boxes

Location: Nordberg – Norway


In a villa neighbourhood in Oslo, specifically in Nordbjerg, you will find an impressive wine cellar designed to house the most delicious wines from Svein’s collection. At Svein, an enthusiastic wine lover, part of the basement was converted into a wine room in connection with an extensive renovation, and this is where the story of a beautiful and different wine experience with Caverack begins.

During a thorough renovation of his home, Svein and his architect quickly agreed to use the house’s existing basement to create an ideal place for wine storage. But Svein wanted more than just a functional basement, he wanted a visually impressive space.

Together with the architect, they decided to create an inviting connecting piece between the basement and the rest of the house. It became a wine cellar under the floor, which is why they decided to make a solid glass floor that offers a beautiful view down into the wine cellar from the library above. 

You enter this wine-filled experience from the other end of the house, through a gym, past both the spa and sauna. From here you stand in the wine cellar, which is made of Caverack wine racks in beautiful oak. What really catches the eye is the installation of a glass ceiling that makes the whole glory airy, distinctive and beautiful. Although the cellar is naturally cool due to its underground location, Svein keeps a close eye on the temperature and humidity to ensure the perfect conditions for his wine.

The installation of Caverack wine racks from floor to ceiling adds an elegant ambience to the glass ceiling. These carpenter-built wine racks were quickly and easily installed, which surprised even Svein: 
“They were so quick to install the wine racks that I couldn't believe it,” he said as he reflected on the process.


To add an extra glow to the room, LED lights are integrated in the shelves, providing beautiful illumination for the bottles. Natural light also flows in from a window at the top of the wall, which not only enhances the atmosphere, but also adds an extra dimension to the room.

A special feature 

When Thomas, from Wineandbarrels, drew the first drawing for Svein, there was no question of having glass in the floor above the wine cellar. But when this came to the fore, Thomas transformed the design and added a true genius touch.

He placed Caverack 'display shelves’ (Half Andino) at the top of the modules almost all the way around. This allows a fantastic view of the bottles from the library on top, making the wine cellar a real visual focal point in the home. In the lower modules, pull-out shelves have been conceived where whole wine boxes can be placed. 

With space for around 500 bottles and several whole boxes, the wine cellar fulfils both the aesthetic and practical purpose. “Everyone who visits me has to look down and think it looks so good,” says Svein enthusiastically.

Svein expressed his satisfaction with the entire process, from drawings to the completion of the wine cellar, by saying, “Everything went smoothly and I’m really happy with the final result.”

The wine cellar is not only a storage room, it is also an aesthetic masterpiece that adorns Svein’s home and takes the wine experience to new heights under Norway’s mountains. With Caverack wine racks as the cornerstone, this is an example of how form and function can merge to create a true paradise for any wine lover.

If you have been inspired and would like us to help you with your wine installation, our team of experts is always ready to help. We have skilled designers who can help you design your favourite wine room based on your wishes. 


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