Important information about wine coolers

A wine cooler can get damaged by lying down

If you have chosen to pick up your wine cooler yourself, it is important that it is kept standing upright during the transport. In some cases the compressor / cooling system can get damage, if it has been laid down during transport.

Therefore, we recommend that you get the wine cooler delivered by professionals who can transport the wine cooler upright throughout the transport.

Wait before plugging in the wine fridge

Once you have placed your wine cooler where it should be, wait 6-12 hours before connecting power to the cabinet. It is important for the wine cooler to stand still after it has been transported.

It is also important that the wine cooler is in an absolutely perfectly levelled position.

Use the waiting time to fill the wine cooler with bottles.

How to store your wine bottles in the best way

All manufacturers of wine coolers refers to the bottle type Bordeaux when they specify the bottle capacity of the wine cooler. But few people only have Bordeaux bottles. There are many bottles that are both thicker and longer than Bordeaux bottles. So expect that you have room for about 70% of the stated number of Bordeaux bottles if you have mixed bottle sizes. Do not fill your wine cooler too much as it is important that there is room for air to circulate inside the wine cooler so you get a constant temperature throughout the cooling zone.

Learn more about how to store the bottles in the best way, temperature and humidity here.

When you connect your wine cooler

When you first connect your wine cooler it will run a lot because it will have to work a lot to cool down all the bottles. The entire cooling system is also about to start running for the first time.

In the beginning you will experience that the wine cooler will sound louder than normal, as well as start and stop more times than normal.

Noise from the wine cooler

A wine cooler sounds more than a conventional refrigerator. This is due to, among other things, fans inside the cabinet that distributes cold air to achieve a constant temperature throughout the cooling zone. There is also a big difference in how sound is perceived depending on the acoustics of the room where you have placed the wine cooler.

Learn more about noise from wine coolers and what you should consider here.

Temperature fluctuations

Once you have set the wine cooler to the desired temperature, it is very normal that the temperature will fluctuate up and down plus / minus a few degrees. This varies depending on whether the cabinet will be cooled further down after that it just has cooled down.

These temperature fluctuations are normal and the wine will not get affected because it takes longer for the liquid to change temperature than it does for the air in the cabinet.

See more in the user's manual

For other instructions and how to use your wine cooler, we refer to the manual that you can find here.

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