Wine Gift Set

A gift set is often a good gift for many occasions, whether it's a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. Our wine gift boxes are often packed in beautiful boxes, and collect everything that is needed in terms of tools for opening wine or champagne. See our large selection of gift sets here.

Wine gifts, gift wraps and gadgets for the wine collector

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a gift for a wine lover or for someone who seems to have everything.

With a beautiful wine gift set, you can be sure that your gift is a success.

What will you give to someone who loves wine?

A bottle of wine as a gift is always a good idea, but if you want to buy something that lasts longer, a kit with accessories that can use wine enthusiasm is always a good idea.
Wineandbarrels have a whole host of different gift ideas for the wine nerd or wine lover.

L'Atelier du Vin gift sets

We have beautiful, high-quality gift sets that range from corkscrews to wine thermometers.
We sell the world-class quality brands Legnoart, L'Atelier du Vin and Danish design from Vagnbys.

Wine present with vacuum pump

Our luxurious Chic Monsieur gift set includes an exclusive corkscrew with a highly stylish and functional design. It has a unique system called gard'vin on/off, where the pump removes all air from the bottle. In this way, the cork shows whether the bottle is exposed to oxygen. An essential feature if you often store a bottle of wine for a day or two after opening. That’s why this is a very good gift idea for single wine lovers.

Gift for wine lovers

We also have an incredibly nice gift set containing a corkscrew, wine thermometer, pour spout and drip ring, at a very good price.
With a wine thermometer, you can be sure that the wine is served at the optimal temperature to produce its best, full flavour. The pouring spout makes it easier to serve the wine, and the drip ring ensures that you don't spill wine on your beautiful, white tablecloth, clothes and the like. A perfect set for any wine lover.
Find your wine present in our wide range of corkscrews, foil cutters, drip rings, wine thermometers, wine stoppers and much more. 

Vagnbys gift sets

World-class Danish design is characterised by the aspect that function and look blend into a bigger whole. 
Vagnbys exquisitely builds on that tradition, and with its beautiful packaging you can be sure that a gift from Vagnbys will always be appreciated.
The special gift sets from Vagnbys are the perfect gift for the wine connoisseur. 

Champagne sabre as a gift

All our champagne sabre come in a nice gift box. 
A number of champagne sables are available as champagne sabre gift wraps and space for a bottle of champagne, which you can add to make the gift perfect for the wine lover.

Whisky glasses and carafes gift sets

If you’re looking for a gift for a wine enthusiast, a James Bond fan or someone with a house bar, the German Nightman has the perfect gift.
How about a beautiful set with two glasses and a carafe that make us all feel a little like J.R. Ewing or Don Draper?
The two lines, Nachtmann Aspen gift set and Nachtmann Noblesse gift set are beautiful examples of polished glasses and carafes.
The sets include low-profile glasses for your Old Fashioned or Whisky on the rocks. If you prefer highball lenses, they are also available. These are sold in packs of four.

Wine present – pouring cork 

From the Niel og Jensen brand you will find a number of beautiful, small gift sets. They make a nice gift for the host, who loves a good glass of wine. 
You’ll find a beautiful set of two pouring corks in a gift set or the super-convenient wine cooler, which can be placed in a bottle after a while in the freezer. 
Both presents come in beautiful packaging and are affordable.


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