Black Friday 2022




Black Friday Wine Accessories

As tradition dictates, Black Friday is celebrated again this year 2022 at Wineandbarrels. The special deals, you find here are available exclusively during the 24 hours of the Black Friday, November 25th 2022 or as long as items are in stock. The first place to see our Black Friday deals will be in our newsletter.

Wine equipment online sale Black Friday

We celebrate Black Friday with a huge bunch of special deals on accessories that will make any wine enthusiast drool.

The best and latest Black Friday 2022 deals are found online. So, if you want to be sure not to miss out on the special Black Friday offers, stay tuned on this page at our website and join our newsletter here.





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Black Friday

Wine gear Black Friday offers

Looking for wine gear on Black Friday, online is the fastest outlet, and you may risk that an item is sold out before you reach our shop. Of course, you are always most welcome in our shop, and we will make sure you feel welcome by finding a very extra special and unique offer for you no matter what.

Black Friday wine cooler deals

On this page you will find a large selection of wine fridges specially sought out for Black Friday this year. All the best Black Friday deals on wine cooler cabinets are presented right here. So, if you are looking for some great and very unique wine specials on this year’s Black Friday, this is where you will find it.

Wine Rack Black Friday

In our world Black Friday and wine racks are inseparable. No wine over can make it without some sort of wine racking system. 
We have gathered a large variety of wine racks that we are proud to present at exceptionally competitive prices on this Black Friday 25th of November 2022. Our Black Friday wine rack specials are exceptionally great deals for wine enthusiasts

Black Friday wine glasses

Just as much as any oenophile wine lover will appreciate a good deal on a wine cooler, wine glasses remain the core of enjoying wine. While sitting at home, you can browse our large specially selected choice of wine glasses for Black Friday this year. As a special Black Friday treat, we have meticulously selected red wine glasses, white wine glasses and champagne glasses with a once in a lifetime discount only this Friday, we call Black Friday. 

Black Friday Wine Gifts

As a clever and shrewd shopper, you might take advantage of the Black Friday hype, and be on the look-out for great deals for Christmas. We market a lot of wine accessories that will make great Christmas wine gifts for your loved ones.

You can easily find a great and beautiful wine gift among our Black Friday deals and special offers. 

Wine opener special offer Black Friday

You may love and appreciate wine, but without a wine opener, you are not going to enjoy the feeling of pulling the cork from a bottle. Among our Black Friday deals, we have a selection of corkscrews and various equipment for the wine lover to enjoy. 

What is Black Friday?

According to Wikipedia, Black Friday as a commercial marketing concept originated in the United States as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Since 1952, the day following Thanksgiving Day has been informally called Black Friday. 

It is not until the early 2000’s that the concept of Black Friday has gained it’s magnitude and global popularity, though. Today, this day is the largest shopping day of year in many countries all over the World. So, today you might correctly call Black Friday the International Shopping Holiday.