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Wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel are the professional’s first choice.

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Schott Zwiesel was founded in Germany. The brand has been producing top quality glassware since 1872, giving them over a century’s worth of experience and expertise in creating the best possible wine glasses.


SCHOTT ZWIESEL wine, beer, cocktail and bar glasses are designed in Zwiesel, a historic Spa town in Bavaria, Germany.


The company is concerned with sustainability throughout its production line, which means that Schott Zwiesel wine glasses don’t contain any lead, the company cleans its own wastewater and the factory only vents water vapour, not toxins.


Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are made from durable Titanium TRITAN® - the world’s only patented crystal glass.


Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are held in high esteem by restaurateurs, sommeliers and catering companies, so it’s quite likely that you’ve come across a Schott Zwiesel wine glass during a visit to your favourite restaurant, bar or hotel.


Wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel are dishwater safe, contain no lead and are recyclable.