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Are you looking for new wine glasses? The German brand, Schott Zwiesel, is the professional’s first choice, offering elegant crystal glasses. You can choose from several different designs, making it easy for you to find wine glasses that suit your personal taste.

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The origin of Schott Zwiesel

Schott Zwiesel is a known wine glass manufacturer that was founded in Germany in 1872 and has since been producing top-quality, innovative glassware. The brand has over a century’s worth of experience and expertise in creating the best possible wine glasses for both professionals and wine enthusiasts.

What makes Schott Zwiesel special?

Schott Zwiesel produces beautiful glasses made of crystal that are ideal for many different occasions. The brand concerns itself with sustainability, which is visible throughout the company’s production line. For example, Schott Zwiesel wine glasses do not contain any lead, the company cleans its own wastewater, and the factory only vents water vapour and not toxins. Additionally, wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel are recyclable.

In many cases, the mass used for glass production contains lead. This is the traditional way of making wine glasses, as lead contributes to the glass’ clarity. However, lead is a problematic substance that can contaminate the groundwater and cause people to become sick if consumed in large quantities.

Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are made from durable Titanium TRITAN® - the world’s only patented crystal glass. The glasses are hardened where the stem is connected to the foot and the bowl, and the stem has also been chemically hardened for extra strength. This material is extremely superior when it comes to strength, and they are also dishwater safe. For that reason, you do not have to worry about your wine glasses breaking easily or having to wash them by hand. Ultimately, wine glasses by Schott Zwiesel are perfect for everyday use.

Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are used by professionals

Due to their durability and strength, Schott Zwiesel is widespread among professionals. For instance, their wine glasses are held in high esteem by restaurateurs, sommeliers, and catering companies, so it is quite likely that you have come across a Schott Zwiesel wine glass during a visit to your favourite restaurant, bar, or hotel.

The dishwasher-safe wine glasses have an elegant and classic design that suits any other type of service, and this makes the brand highly versatile. The timeless and modern designs are appreciated by many, and the fact that they are dishwasher safe is an important factor in this type of business as well.

Choose your wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel

Get your new wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel at Wineandbarrels and choose between various different collections. We offer collections such as:

  • Air Sense
  • Alloro
  • Banquet
  • Enoteca

All collections have elegant and tasteful wine glasses that ensure you get the most optimal tasting experience when enjoying your wine. You can even get wine glasses that are mouth blown. The designs are simple but beautiful and will be ideal for every occasion and with every kind of table setting.

Air Sense has a beautiful shape and features an integrated decantation sphere. Alloro and Banquet are classic designs with wider bottoms, allowing you to easily swirl the wine. Enoteca has an elegant, rounded shape.

Every collection of glassware from Schott Zwiesel includes different types of wine glasses, meaning that you can get a full set of glasses suited for various beverages. You can find wine glasses for red wine, white wine, champagne, and much more. You can even get beer glasses.

Enhance your wine experience with the right wine glass

Choosing the right wine glass can affect your experience when enjoying a glass of wine. It will create a big difference if you drink red wine from a wine glass specially designed for red wine rather than a glass made for white wine.

Red wine glasses are typically larger as this type of wine needs more room to be oxidised. When the wine is exposed to oxygen, it brings out the aromas and gives a more intense flavour and smell.

White wine does not need to be oxidised in the same way, which is why the bowl of a white wine glass is smaller. This allows you to get closer to the wine, which makes it easier for you to sense the aromas of this type of wine.

Explore our range of wine glasses from Schott Zwiesel and find your preferred selection. Then you can enjoy your favourite bottles in a wine glass suited for the specific wine.


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