Wine-tasting glasses

Are you looking for wine-tasting glasses designed for you to nose and swirl the wine? At Wineandbarrels, you can find a selection of tasting glasses that meet all wine-tasting requirements making it a much better experience for you. 

History of the Tastevin

At Wineandbarrels, you can get a traditional wine-tasting glass, also called a tastevin. These special wine-tasting cups were introduced many years ago, and the history of the tastevin began in the land of wine, France.

The cup, shaped like a shallow saucer without a stem, was originally created in Burgundy and meant to help winegrowers evaluate the clarity and colour of the wine. The regular wine glasses were too deep for this. It was typically made of silver or silver-plated metal, and the reason for choosing this material was the refraction of light that made it easier to identify the colour of the wine.

The wine-tasting glasses from Wineandbarrels look a little different from the original tastevin. Our variant is an ergonomically designed cup made of glass that allows you to make circular movements that better facilitate wine ventilation as well as release the aroma of the wine. The glass’ narrow opening helps create intensity, making it easier for you to recognise the aromas.

The colour of the wine

The colour can tell you a lot of things about the wine. First and foremost, wines are divided into three main categories: red wine, rosé, and white wine. But wines from the same category can differ in colour as well. For example, red wine can vary from a deep purple-like red to a lighter brownish-orange tawny. A rosé may look light pink or the colour of a salmon. A white wine might look light as a lemon or have a darker goldish colour.

Colour is not everything you need to know to learn more about the wine you are drinking. However, the colour’s intensity does indicate what you can expect when it comes to taste. In general, a deep colour indicates that the wine has more body.

Tannins affect the body and colour of a wine. Tannins come from the grape’s skin, and in red wine, the fruits are fermented with the skins in the juice. This means that the wine gets more colour. Overall, grapes with thin skins will produce a wine with a lighter colour, whereas dark grapes with thick skins will result in a wine with a deeper colour.

Ideal glasses for white wine and red wine

If you want to enjoy a glass of wine rather than just tasting it, you should opt for one of our white or red wine glasses with a stem. Our selection is carefully designed to give you the best possible tasting experience regardless of whether you prefer white or red wine.

A wine glass will not alter the taste of the wine. However, it can alter your perception of it. Therefore, it is fairly important that you choose the correct glass for your wine. For example, wine glasses ideal for red wine are usually larger than white wine glasses. This is due to the fact that red wines usually have more aroma and fragrance, and therefore, they can benefit from having more room “to breathe”. If you poured a delicate white wine into a large red wine glass, the aroma of the white wine would probably disappear.

At Wineandbarrels, you will find a large selection of wine glasses suited for all kinds of wine. Whether you prefer red wine or white wine does not matter. We can help you either way.

Why regular wine glasses have stems

Contrary to our wine-tasting glasses, our regular wine glasses have stems, and this is an important part of the glass. The stem and base of the wine glass are meant as a grip, and it helps you avoid greasy fingers on the glass cup so that you can enjoy the colour of the wine to its fullest. However, most importantly, it prevents your hands’ warmth from affecting the temperature of the wine.

The stem also helps you swirl the wine around the glass, and swirling is actually a big part of releasing the aroma of the wine. This will make a significant difference for your overall tasting experience.


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