Valentine’s Day gifts

Need a gift for Valentine’s Day? If, like many others, you find it difficult to find the right gift for the person you love, then we’ve put together a delicious selection of wine-inspired gifts that suit everyone.

What does Valentine’s Day mean?

Valentine’s Day is known as the “holiday of lovers” and falls on 14 February each year.

It’s a day when many couples exchange flowers and other loving gifts.

The holiday is named after the Roman priest Valentine, who became known to defy the Roman emperor Claudius II, by continuing to vie Roman soldiers after the emperor made it illegal.

Valentine was arrested for this action and was executed on February 14th.

After Valentine’s death, the Roman-Catholic Church chose to nominate him as Saint Valentine.

When is it Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, or in English “Valentine’s Day”, falls on 14 February each year.

A day where you normally try to surprise someone you love with a declaration of love in the form of flowers and gifts.

Valentine’s Day and Wineandbarrels

At Wineandbarrels, we have a large selection of wine-inspired gifts for Valentine’s Day.

You can find beautiful champagne and wine glasses for the day itself, as well as many other personal gifts that many will appreciate.


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