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Wine Glass Holders

Wine glass holder in very good quality made out of stainless steel.

Wine glass holder for wall

Very convenient storage of your wine glasses. The suspension has one, two or three rows and can be mounted in the ceiling or the wall.

If you need several rows of glasses, you can mount several wine glass holders one after the other.

Wine glass holder bar

With a wing lounger, you get a good grip on your wine glasses, while saving space.

A wine glass holder fits well into the bar and wine cellar.

The amount of glasses the holder can store depends on the size of the glass and how close you rack them.

Wine glass mount for wine glasses

Just like in a bar or restaurant, you can save space by hanging wine glasses in a holder.

A rack for hanging wine glasses can be mounted under a closet, a shelf or over a bar countertop.

You can also wall mount a wine glass holder.