Foil cutter

An elegant and clean cut that makes wine serving absolutely perfect.

An elegant and clean cut that makes wine serving absolutely perfect. With the greatest ease, a foil cutter can make sure your wine bottles look great at the table. Instead of a knife, a nice foil cutter can make a completely clean cut. We have foil cutters at the best price.

Nifty little helper

If you need help to cut the foil of a wine bottle due to, for example, weak wrists or the like, a foil cutter is a really good and practical tool. You will not need a lot of effort to ensure a nice clean cut around the bottle's capsule. This happens thanks to the small sharp round knives of hardened steel.

The well-cut wine capsules

A foil cutter cuts the top piece of the capsule, which is often made of plastic. In the old days, the material was soft metal and sometimes with a certain tin or lead content. Therefore, it makes sense to make sure that the wine is not in contact with the capsule while on its way to the glass.

The lead content in capsules was phased out during the 80’s out of fear of poisoning. A fear that has proven unsubstantiated since there are no documented cases of poisoning caused by lead capsules for wine bottles.

Elegant dining

Nevertheless, a nice and straight cut is good when serving wine from the bottle. It helps pouring without too many drops running down the bottle ending on your table as red wine rings.


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