Wine cellar equipment

Everything you need for your wine cellar

If you have your own wine cellar at home, you always need to know the current humidity and temperature of your basement. This is important to be able to store your wines properly. When properly stored, wines can be stored for many years, and even be improved over time.

A wine cellar humidity should be between 55 and 75% and the room temperature should be around 10-11 degrees. The room's humidity is important for wine cork not to dry out and become leaky. However, if there is too much humidity in a basement the labels of the wine bottles can be dissolved and as a result end up being unreadable.

To measure the wine cellar's humidity and temperature a hygro - and thermometer station is indispensable. Our quality hygro- and thermometer station can show you if the climate in the room that you use as a wine cellar is optimal and provides the best conditions for storage of your wine.

Our clock with hygro and thermometer is also perfect for a wine cellar at home, and will show you the room's temperature and current humidity.

Once you know the wine cellar's humidity and temperature you can check daily that the climate for storage is ideal and then store your wines for many years or however long you want to. When you have your own wine cellar you may also need wine racks or other wine furnitures which we of course also negotiates. See more under the section wine racks.


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