Pulltex's Pulltap's is the world's most recognized corkscrew! Wine accessories from Pulltex are in the absolute elite of superbrands in the global wine industry.

Pulltex - The world's strongest brand of corkscrews

Pulltap’s from Pulltex's is the world's best brand in corkscrews.

Many people recognize the corkscrew without knowing that the brand behind is called Pulltex. It is almost as if the product is more famous than the brand.

What is the best corkscrew?

The answer is simple: The Pulltap’s waiter’s friend corkscrew from Pulltex's. It is the best corkscrew for two main reasons:

Everyone(!) who has just a tiny bit of professional experience with wine and food, recognizes at a long-distance the Pulltex corkscrew with a nod of approval.

Moreover, Pulltap's is really a great cheap corkscrew in a fitting small size that works every time.

Pulltap’s or Pulltex? Where does Pulltex come from?

Pulltap's is a trademark of Pulltex, located in Barcelona, Spain.

The waiter’s friend corkscrew is the crown jewel of the big company specializing in accessories for professionals and happy amateurs in the wine world.

Pulltex makes a lot of wine equipment, and everything is in a high quality at prices in all classes. Pulltex has, to say the least, an extremely high basic level.

Pulltex is the wine professional's preferred tool

Just as with the tools for the do-it-yourself people, where the professionals set the standard, the same goes for the world of wine.

Anywhere on the planet, if you ask a professional about the best corkscrew, the Pulltex waiter’s friend will be mentioned at the top.

We will boldly express the claim that it is impossible to find a single professional from the wine world unable to recognize a corkscrew from Pulltex.

The world's most widely used corkscrew

One of the reasons for the Pulltex corkscrew's widespread popularity is that many a waiter, sommelier, wine dealer or importer has used a logo-branded corkscrew from a wine producer.

The main reason why a Pulltap is so popular is the way of pulling the cork. With a two-stage lever arm, you can quickly and safely pull the cork out of a bottle of wine.

Advertising corkscrews and wine equipment with print

The ingenious thing about a Pulltap’s Classic waiter’s friend from Pulltex is that for a surprisingly reasonable price you can get printed text or logo on the corkscrews. Pulltex has been doing this for many years and they are the absolute best in the world of wine to create promotional materials for companies. Ask for the possibilities by contacting wineandbarrels.

An extremely reliable corkscrew

Pulltap's claim to fame is that they are robust, simple, reliable and, not least, cheap. Also, it's a fast corkscrew. Perhaps speed is not the first thing you think of when talking about corkscrews, but experienced users appreciate it. Once you notice this, speed and ease are a seriously important factor. The opposite is really annoying.

A Pulltap's waiter’s friend has weight without being too heavy, its Teflon-coated spiral tip is perfectly positioned for the hand to be in the optimal position when the cork is to be pierced. These are small details, but highly important details.

The sommelier's favourite corkscrew

Our sommelier is without any reservations when it comes to pointing out the best corkscrew: it is the waiter’s friend that you can read more about in this article: Which is the best corkscrew?

Specifically, it is Pulltap's that is the preferred corkscrew. He has opened MANY bottles of wine over the years, and he always returns to the reliable waiter’s friend from Pulltap’s.

How to use a Pulltex corkscrew?

In this video you can see how to use a waiter’s friend (Danish spoken with English subtitles). The method of opening a bottle of wine with a Pulltap’s is exactly the same.

The strong recommendation is hereby passed on.

Corkscrew test and review - We have a winner!

The time and experience as opener of thousands of bottles of wine for restaurant guests and eager participants at a huge load of wine tastings shows that there is one type of corkscrew that stands out as the winner. Pulltex has with the Pulltap's created a waiter’s friend corkscrew that continuously proves its money’s worth.

Pulltex - Accessories for wine

Besides the phenomenal corkscrews, Pulltex also produces a large assortment of wine accessories for the enthusiastic wine lover.

Here on this page you will find a wide selection of equipment to help you enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Pulltex AntiOx - An ingenious way to extend the life of the opened bottle of wine

There are a myriad of gadgets and tools to extend the life of a bottle of wine that has been opened. All of them focus on limiting the wine's contact with oxygen after opening. It can be a vacuum pump for wine. It may be that you inject some argon gas into an open bottle. 

But it can also be a special stopper with built-in chemistry that vaccums the wine bottle empty of oxygen in a way that reminds a bit of silicate balls to prevent moisture when, for example, you buy sports shoes.

The AntiOx stopper works that way, and the most important thing is, of course, to put the stopper on as soon as possible after opening the wine. The concept is clever and simple, making it ideal for use in the hospitality industry.

Pulltex ice bucket or champagne cooler

A champagne cooler from Pulltex is great to keep a bottle of white wine or sparkling chilled. The ice buckets from Pulltex are made of acrylic and are available in a large variety of different vivid colours. A nice little detail is the pouring spout, which makes it easy and effortless to pour the water off after use.

Remember to use ice cubes AND water and, if you need to cool fast, add a good dash of coarse kitchen salt. Read the article here on how to swiftly cool your wine.

Improve your wine tasting skills with an aroma set

Pulltex also markets the brilliant fragrance sets to exercise the sense of smell. In the aroma sets you will find small fine bottles with the essence of scents often found in wine.
The idea is that you train your sense of smell to identify the individual elements of wine. You can, for example, get a fragrance set with 12 scents from white wine or with 12 red wine aromas. There is also the large set with a total of 40 wine aroma samples.

Read: How to learn about wine.

Apart from being a great tool for improving your vinous sense of smell, a set of aromas is a fantastic feature as an entertaining guessing game among friends.

Pulltex tools for serving wine

You will also find the brilliant brushes to clean carafes. Or how about a good and effective wine funnel with a filter to decant old wines?

There is also a good range of equipment for cocktails from Pulltex.


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