Patented system for rapid aeration of your wine

Ifavine is a patented glass carafe that with the help of an advanced technology decants the wine in just a few minutes and enhances the wine taste and aroma.

Isommelier is working with the help of a high concentration of oxygen that filters the air and eliminates contaminants and moisture. Some natural elements in the air can affect the quality of a wine when it is decanted: pollution, odor, moisture, different levels of air pressure and ambient temperature. Isommelier aerates the wine with purified oxygen.

iSommelier also softens tannins. Tannins or tannic acid is a phenol which makes the taste dry and bitter after you've been drinking red wine. Isommelier is extremely time-efficient and mature wine that would otherwise require many years of storage.
Unlike traditional decanting iSommelier shortens the decanting time from hours to just a few minutes and still retains the wines taste and aromas.

Wine enthusiasts will experience a softer, rounder and more complex flavor. Even very young wines gets a much more improved taste.

With iFavine follows an app where you have full control over iSommelier and where you can program your favorite decanting programs. You also get direct access to IFavine network where specific details of wines are summarized.


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