Knives, corkscrews and wine accesories in world class design.

What is Laguiole?

The name Laguiole is today a world-renowned brand that is synonymous with a unique design and high quality.

There are a lot of producers of the elegant products who all have the joy of food and wine in common.

What does Laguiole mean?

Laguiole is a small village just south of the central massif in France, where, since the beginning of the 19th century, there has been a production of pocket knives.

Originally, the knives were intended for use by the local shepherds and cattle farmers. The knives from the area were quickly associated with the town of Laguiole with the unique design and high quality.

Is Laguiole a trademark?

No, it's not. Laguiole quickly became very popular, but the name has never been registered as a trademark and today there is no copyright on the name, and it is public domain.

Thus, everyone around the world can make a product and call it Laguiole without any protection or guarantee of quality or origin.

How to pronounce Laguiole?

Laguiole is pronounced "LAYOL".

Some people pronounce the "gui", and that is actually not completely wrong, but in French they pronounce it "LAYOL".

What is a real Laguiole?

There is no such thing as a "genuine" or "original" Laguiole, since the name or product design is not registered or protected.

That is why you can find Laguiole in all price ranges.

Who makes Laguiole knives?

Anyone who wants to make and sell knives, corkscrews or other equipment called Laguiole. There are no rules or restrictions for who can use the name and design.

The same applies to the other characteristics such as the logo with the bee or the small cross that you occasionally see on the handle of the knives.

Laguiole original

It is therefore difficult to point out one knife with the bee and the peculiar form as more original than the other.

In the area around the village there are small smith’s workshops who make handmade versions of the knives. These are mainly sold locally to tourists and other visitors.

Laguiole knife with corkscrew

In addition to the iconic pocket knives, it is the waiter’s friend corkscrews from Laguiole that have caught attention from design-loving consumers. The beautiful corkscrews are available as separate waiter’s friends or with a spiral that can be pulled out from the handle of a folding knife. Both variants are sturdy and solid, which gives a good feeling when opening a bottle of wine.

Here you can read our own sommelier's test: Which corkscrew is the best?

Laguiole Champagne sabre

With great success, further developing of the design from the small shepherd's knives to a beautiful champagne sabre from Laguiole has been done.

You will find them here on the website in several variants, all of which ensure you an extraordinary experience when there is something to be celebrated in a spectacular way.

Let our sommelier guide you on How to saber a bottle of Champagne. (Danish spoken - Subtitles in English)

Laguiole forks and knives

Because the design from Laguiole is so unique, they also make great cutlery for decorating a beautiful set dining table.

You can also find steak knives in ebony from Laguiole as a gift set on this page.

Laguiole chef’s knife

As anyone who is happy to cook will understand, a good chef’s knife is the key to a great meal. Our range of knives from Laguiole includes, in addition to a classic chef’s knife, a santoku knife and a serrated bread knife. From Laguiole we also have a great knife set in an included knife block.

Laguiole carving set

When you have cooked the Sunday roast sirloin in the oven and the fat is curled in just the right way, it is nice to cut the slices with a good carving set from Laguiole. You will find them here on the page, where there is also a Laguiole honing steel that can get your knives ready to slice.

Laguiole cheese set

It may not be the first thing you think of when you hear the name Laguiole, but in the village they also make a cheese of the same name.

Of course, most of us will probably say, there is a local cheese in every conceivable corner of rural France. The Laguiole cheese is made from cow's milk from the area and it’s a semi hard cheese also called Fourme de Laguiole.

The link to a cheese platter set from Laguiole is therefore obvious.

Laguiole deals

As you may know, there is a large variety of both manufacturers and products, all of which bear the name and design of the small French village of Laguiole.

Here at Wineandbarrels you will find something for every taste and budget.

Chateau Laguiole sommelier corkscrew

A little higher up on the price scale we present the beautiful waiter’s friend corkscrews from Laguiole.

The producer is called Chateau Laguiole, and that exact name combination is their own.

See our sommelier demonstratie how to use of a waiter's friend corkscrew. (Danish spoken - English subtitles)