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Proper storage of wine after opening and optimal cleaning is important

The correct storage of wine or champagne after opening, determines whether it retains its good taste and aromas. Especially expensive wines are infuriating not to store properly if they are not finished the same day as they are opened.

The most important thing when storing opened wines, is to have a tightly wine stopper, so the wine is not further oxidized. We have Gard Bulles wine stopper and Universal wine stopper which can be used for wine or champagne bottles.

Additionally, we offer the absolutely delicious Gard'Vin wine cork, which has a unique pump system. This pump removes oxygen and can show whether your wine is closed as firmly as it should be. Perfect if you often store wine in one or more days after opening, but at the same time want the full flavor every time.

If you love champagne, our champagne stopper with built-in bubble indicater will just be the case. This plug shows if the bubbles are still in the champagne and you will be able to enjoy a good bottle of champagne even a few days after opening. Also a wonderful gift for the hostess or any hedonist.

To clean your wine carafe, wine bottles or similar, a bottle brush is a must to have. In this way it becomes easy to reach even the bottom removing any wine spots and thereby achieve optimal cleaning. We also have an efficient drying rack and holder for both wine carafe and wine glasses.


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