Wincave wine cabinets are the very definition of reliability and low energy consumption.

Reliable Wine Coolers
Wincave are produced in France and is designed to last for many years. It is one of the most reliable wine cooler cabinets on the market.

The control panel is placed on the door handle of the cabinet and the temperature can be regulated (10-16 ° C). The temperature is kept constant and vary only +/- 0.5 degrees due to a sophisticated microprocessor controlling temperature and humidity.

This is one of the most simple wine cabinets you can get, and thus there is little that can go wrong.

Unique wine cabinet
With its large handle of solid oak on the front it signals that you keep something special: your best wines that will be there for many years. The design is unique and secures your wines in the best way.

Very low energy consumption
Wincave's are the only one on the market with a very thick insulation (60 mm) which ensures that the wines are stored safely and with very low energy consumption. All cabinets have therefore energy class A +.

Can be placed in a cold room
All Wincave wine cooler has a built-in heater that allows the cabinet to be placed in cold rooms completely down to 5 degrees.