Steel shelving system intended for wooden wine cases. Two extra large shelves with telescopic rails give you direct access to the entire case.

Here they are! The pull-out shelves system for your wine cases.

The so-called OWC boxes are not only practical and stable but also extremely decorative.

OWC is an abbreviation for Original Wooden Case. With their beautiful decorations at the end piece these cases are for obvious aesthetic reasons rather demand.

This module is crafted in metal with two wooden shelves mounted on telescopic rails as a sort of flat drawer without sides. Here you can put your beautiful wine cases on display while the bottles are easily accessible.

Extra large shelves

It has previously been a challenge with these kind of racks that they had just the exact space for standard cases containing Bordeaux bottles.

If your wines are from e.g. Burgundy or the Rhône valley the bottles will most likely be of a slightly different and larger size. Thus, the cases are also a bit larger, and therefore likely to be difficult to fit in previous editions of wine case drawer systems.

This is what ROMA racks are trying to address by being larger by just a few extra centimeters. Now you can store most kinds of wooden wine cases in these fine shelf racks.

There is room for two 6-bottle cases side by side or one 12-bottle case on each shelf.


The ROMA shelf racks can be stacked on top of each other and they can be placed side by side in order to form a large rack for these great looking wooden cases.

We recommend that you stack no more than three racks on top of each other. In addition we recommend attaching the modules to the floor and the wall for optimum stability. There is a lot of weight to keep balanced. Especially when you pull out a fully loaded shelf.

The racks are delivered unassembled and can be easily assembled by following the enclosed instructions.

No empty wooden cases are enclosed with the purchase of the ROMA wine case rack.