Value for money

Cheap wine racks and wine storage

When the price is low and the capacity high without compromising on quality. We have a large selection of cheap wine racks for everyone.

If the most important thing for you is to be able to store many bottles as cheaply as possible, there are a lot of options here with us.

Many people have a rather pragmatic approach to wine storage. For them, it’s a question of a large capacity in a room or wine cellar that few people are still in. The decisive factor is wine storage at a low cost, measured per bottle.

This in no way means that you have to compromise on design and aesthetics. Quite the opposite. At wineandbarrels, we have a large selection of affordable wine racks. There’s definitely something for everyone.

Cheap wooden wine racks

The wooden wine racks from Vinikea are among the best-selling wine racks at low prices. The shelving units, which are mainly made of wood, are available in several versions.

If you’re looking for a so-called rack, where you can take out each bottle without having to move other bottles, then the models Cava and Eliza are ideal.

If you’re looking for cheap wine racks where you can store several bottles of the same type, the racks with a cross in a square frame are really smart. They can easily be stacked on top of each other without needing any additional mounting. Models Lago and Elba show that they are available in plain pine and dark-stained pine.

Square wine racks

The Square series consists of wine racks constructed as a square frame with different types of giblets. You can get them with a cross for many bottles of the same kind, as shelf racks or with angled display shelves.

They measure all 60x60 centimetres and can easily be stacked and combined to your liking. There are plinths and tops so you can use the bookcases as a specific piece of furniture with a tabletop on top.

The Square bookcases are a good example of a cheap wine bookcase that can also decorate your wine cellar in style.

Wine in boxes such as wine rack

If efficient capacity in as little space as possible is crucial, there are smart wooden boxes for wine bottles.

Just like the old-fashioned beer crates, the model Alto can solve the storage task for you in the best possible way. And they can be stacked.

Cheap metal wine racks

If metal is more your style, we also have cheap wine racks i metal. In particular, the Fina model is worth highlighting for its large capacity.

Wine racks that make it your own assembly kit

All the cheap wine racks are delivered unassembled to ensure that you get storage of many wine bottles at very reasonable prices.

You have to assemble the cheap wine racks yourself, and they are quickly assembled and ready for use.

A classic wine rack

The classic design racks from Mensolas are perfect if you need to find a very specific bottle in your stock. The materials are a combination of pinewood rods and metal stiles, which are also supplied unassembled.  

Mensolas come in many sizes that can be linked together, so that the shelves grow with your collection.

Design your own wine cellar

Take the opportunity to design and furnish your own wine cellar in peace and quiet, according to the precise dimensions and dimensions available.

Try our specially designed interior design tool here.


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