Classic wine racks with access to each individual bottle. These insertion racks is a great and economical way to store your bottles.

With the wine rack from Mensolas you can reach directly for that exact single bottle you want. You will not need to move any other bottles to get to that one desired bottle. There may be a need for more room in total in order to have space around every single bottle, but on the other hand you will have a proper single bottle wine rack.

If you are a wine enthusiast who prefers buying many different wines in small quantities at a time, then this racking system is made for you.

Expand your collection
The Mensolas series is a wine rack system that grows along with your wine collection. It is possible to expand and interconnect these racks in a large number of combinations.

You can assemble your wine racks with additional assembly hardware so you can build an entire wall of wine racks if you want to. You can also start up with nine-bottle rack, which fits neatly in the bottom of a kitchen or wardrobe cabinet.

These wine racks grow, so to speak, along with your wine collection.

Design classics
It should not be reserved for Danish furniture design using the term design classics to describe good proven quality. We dare to proclaim that this construction is in the same league as for example the famous chairs.

The idea of combining massive wooden sticks with frame rails of metal into a wine rack makes the construction not only effective but also very elegant with a timeless expression.

The concept is seen before, and it works. Every time. This is why the racks from Mensolas are among our best selling wine racks. One of the new features is that with all the packages plastic clips are included. They are meant as protection for the bottlenecks from scratches from the metal rails.

Many sizes
The Mensolas racks come in different sizes. With six different rack sizes with a capacity of nine bottles and up to 72 bottles there should be something for everyone.

The genius part is that when buying extra brackets meant to join two racks, you can design your wine rack for your very specific requirements.

The individual rooms will fit most standard sized bottles such as Riesling/Alsace, Bordeaux, Rhône, Burgundy and Champagne bottles. It can be a little tight for the more specialized and wide bottom Champagne bottle types in the style of Dom Pérignon and Krug but standard Champagne bottles fit in nicely. Even most types of half bottles fit the compartments without falling through. Magnum bottles, gift boxes and the like are best placed on the top shelf.

Easily assembled
The racks are delivered to you unassembled and are very easy to assemble when you follow the enclosed instructions. The only tool you will need is a wooden or rubber hammer or an ordinary hammer and a wooden block to protect the metal parts.


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