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Wine racks for every taste and need

Essentially the concept of storing wine bottles is about stability and quiet. The bottles are preferably stored in a dark place with a constant temperature.

It is very important that the bottles are lying down, to ensure that the cork is always in contact with the content and thus kept smooth and tight-fitting. To store the bottles this way wine racks are the perfect devices.

At our range of wine racks play a key role along with our wine coolers. Storing wine optimally is basically what we are here for. Therefore, our assortment is among the widest and largest available in the Scandinavian market.

Clarify your needs

There are many ways of looking at wine racks. Are you looking for a way to keep as many bottles as possible at the lowest possible cost or are wine racks considered a genuine piece of furniture to be an integrated part of your home decor?

What is your consumer pattern in wine? If you frequently purchase a greater volume of the same wine such as entire cases of 6 or 12 bottles at a time, a case with large spaces as for example a cross might be a good idea. Or are you more the kind of consumer who buy one or two bottles of a wine? In that case, you may prefer a wine rack where you can access each individual bottle without having to move other bottles.

There are wine racks matching your every specific need.

Display and interior design

We have a variety of wine racks if it is important to you that your wine racks look good and that your bottles are presented in a very nice way.

Primarily there is the beautiful wooden wine racks from Winerex. They are available in three different kinds of wood and in a large variety of designs for virtually any need.

When aesthetics is a priority we may also present to you the Renato wine rack system. Again, you can find numerous interesting designs. Black is the only color and the shelving looks beautiful in a store, restaurant or a wine cellar.

Cellarbox is a wine rack that in an alternative way presents the bottles very beautifully. They are primarily designed for use in shops, hotels and restaurants, but can easily be used just where you would want it.

All the above-mentioned wine racks are delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

When the price is paramount

If the most important thing for you is to be able to store many bottles as cheaply as possible, there are also a lot of options here.

The classic insertion racks from Mensolas are perfect if you need to pick up any specific bottle from your collection. They are delivered unassembled and they are available in many sizes and can be combined. This allows your wine racking system to grow along with your wine collection.

The wooden wine racks from Vinikea also come unassembled. Here you really get storage for many bottles at very low prices. These cheap wine racks are for you to assemble and they are quickly and easily assembled.

There are always plenty of choices if you wish to find a cheap wine rack at

Creative interior design

Additionally we have a large selection of small and handy metal wine racks. They are available as a display rack for bottles or as a nice bracket to mount on a wall.

There is also the great Vino Wall Racks that are to be mounted on a wall. They are available as racks with a depth of respectively one, two or three bottles and at the height of 9 or 12 bottles. They are also available for 8 or 10 magnum bottles at single bottle depth.

And finally, you can see our wooden pupitres for bottles of sparkling wine and the cool shelf racks made of old wine barrels.
Now, that is something to create a nice ambience!

A very cool thing you can do is trying out our custom design tool here.
Here you can decorate your very own wine room with wine furniture, racks and even wine coolers from our range. Dimensions appear automatically as you choose the items.

And finally, our nice shop in Hillerød north of Copenhagen, Denmark, where of course you are very welcome to see all of our beautiful wine racks, wine coolers and the rest of our range.

By the way, our shop is about 30 kilometers from Hamlet?s home the Kronborg Castle in Elsinore. So, if you are checking out if something really is rotten in the state of Denmark, you should stop by and say hello.