Discover the Perfect Fit: 300mm Wine Coolers at Wineandbarrels

Wineandbarrels brings to you a space-saving solution to wine preservation with our compact 300mm wine coolers. Ideal for wine enthusiasts with limited space but an expansive love for wine, these coolers are an essential addition to your collection.

Versatility of the 300mm Wine Cooler

Our 300mm wine cooler, also known as a 30cm wine cooler, offers a sleek, compact design without compromising the quality of wine storage. Despite their compact size, these 300 wine coolers are loaded with features, ensuring your cherished wine collection is stored under optimal conditions. These versatile units can also serve as a beer fridge or a drinks fridge, offering cooling solutions beyond wine.

30cm Wine Cooler Designs

At Wineandbarrels, aesthetics meet functionality. Our range of 30cm wine fridges includes stylish models like the wine cooler 300mm black variant. This sleek design blends seamlessly into any kitchen or bar area, offering both style and high performance.

Space Considerations

The 300mm wide wine cooler, or the 30cm wide wine cooler, is perfect for those with space constraints. Whether you're searching for wine coolers 300mm wide or a wine cooler 30cm wide, our selection promises a seamless fit for your home or establishment.

Capacity and Cooling

Despite their compact size, our 300mm wine fridge or 30cm wine fridge models effectively chill and store a significant number of bottles. These 300mm wide wine fridges also serve as a handy 300mm fridge or 30cm fridge for other beverages.


Our wine fridge models come equipped with essential features such as constant temperature control, humidity management, and vibration dampening, which are vital for preserving the quality and taste of your wine. Looking for a wine cooler black variant or a wine cooler with dual-zone cooling? We've got you covered.

Beyond Wine Storage

The versatility of our 300mm wine coolers extends beyond wine storage. They can also function as a beer fridge or a drinks fridge, ensuring your beers, sodas, and other beverages are always at their optimal serving temperatures.


If you're in search of a compact yet efficient wine storage solution, look no further than our 300mm wine coolers. Explore our range of 30cm wine coolers and find the one that's the perfect fit for your home, lifestyle, and wine collection. Discover why Wineandbarrels is the top choice for wine enthusiasts everywhere.



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