Choose an under-counter wine fridge for your kitchen

Are you looking for an under-counter wine fridge? This type of wine cooler is installed under your kitchen tabletop between two cabinets, just like a built-in dishwasher. With a wine cooler designed for under the counter, you are well prepared for any unforeseen situation that requires a nice spontaneous glass of Champagne, white and red wine, or maybe even a cool beer – all at the perfect temperature.

Explore our practical under-counter wine fridges

An under-counter wine cooler is a beautiful way to store, nurture, and show off your wine. This type of wine cooler is often installed in the kitchen under the tabletop, which allows you to easily grab a nicely tempered bottle of wine whenever you feel like it.

The wine cooler can be used for more than just wine. A wine refrigerator in the kitchen is a great way to have various beverages, such as beer and soft drinks ready at the perfect serving temperature. This is ideal for whenever you have guests over, for example.

Our under-counter wine fridges come in various designs and materials. You can get wine coolers for under the counter in a black glass finish, but you can also explore variants with a stainless steel front door. This gives your kitchen a modern and semi-industrial look. An excellent example is the cool-looking wine fridges from Pevino.

What is an under-counter wine fridge?

A wine fridge has to meet two different criteria to be placed under the kitchen counter. First and foremost, the height of the wine fridge has to be lower than or equal to the height of the kitchen tabletop. Additionally, the wine fridge has to be made for built-in purposes so that it can be installed in continuation of the cabinetry.

A built-in wine cooler is a wine cooler designed to fit in between your kitchen cabinets. This means that the wine cooler has the ability to take in fresh air at the front bottom and often has a width of 60 centimetres, just like a standard kitchen cabinet module.

Can a freestanding wine cooler be used under the counter?

Most freestanding wine coolers do not have a dedicated air intake at the front bottom, which means that this type of fridge requires room at the sides and above the cooler. For that reason, a freestanding wine fridge is not suitable for under the counter in most cases.

A freestanding fridge can be very beneficial in other situations. If you are looking for a cooler that can be placed almost anywhere you like, this type of fridge would be a great choice.

Dual-zone wine fridge for under the counter

Seeing as an under-counter wine fridge is limited by height and depth because it cannot exceed the height and depth of your remaining kitchen cabinets, this type of cooler offers limited storage space. This means that you get a lower bottle capacity, which is why you may consider choosing a single-zone or dual-temperature under-counter wine cooler.

In many cases, a dual-zone under-counter wine fridge is the desired choice in the kitchen because a two-temperature zone refrigerator fits various serving purposes. With this type of fridge, you can store white wines, sparkling wines, dessert wines, and beers at a cooler temperature around 7°C. In the other section of the fridge, there is room for the red wines at around 17°C. This means you can keep your wines ready at a perfect temperature for serving. You are also saving space in the regular fridge.

Other things to consider when buying an under-counter cooler

Besides factors like design and material, you can also choose your new wine cooler based on cool features, such as noise emission and locking mechanism. If you want to secure and lock away your cherished wines, you can find variants that come with a lock.

For example, this is possible with all Pevino and EuroCave under-counter wine coolers.

Additionally, if you wish to get a wine cooler that has a low noise emission, you should take a look at our thermoelectric fridges. Take into account that a thermoelectric wine cooler often has a harder time cooling and getting rid of the hot air. For that reason, we do not recommend having your thermoelectric wine cooler be built-in.

How to install an under-counter wine cooler

It is possible to install your new under-counter wine cooler yourself. First of all, make sure that the measurements are precise and correct. Dimensions are everything when installing a wine fridge in the kitchen, as the dimensions of your kitchen cabinets correspond with those of the wine cooler you have chosen.

Remember to make sure that there is space for the door to open properly as well. This is a classic mistake among people buying a wine cooler before verifying the space under the counter in their home.

When installing a wine cooler under your tabletop, you should make sure that the wine cooler is ready for a built-in purpose. Additionally, the wine cooler needs to have a way to get rid of the hot air behind the fridge. We normally recommend some sort of ventilation duct in the tabletop or to the adjacent kitchen cabinets.

Remember that if you pick up the wine cooler yourself, you should make sure it stands upright. If it lies down during transport, the compressor and cooling system can be damaged.

Once the wine fridge is placed where you want it to be, it is best to wait around 24-48 hours before connecting it. The cooler should stand still after transport, and it should be in a levelled position.

When you want to fill the fridge with your favourite wines, ensure that there is enough room for air to circulate in the cooler. That way, you will achieve a constant temperature throughout the cooling zone.

Do you need help before choosing an under-counter wine cooler?

Are you still unsure what wine cooler to choose? If you want some advice on how to pick a wine cooler, we can guide you through all the many things to consider. And if you want to see our many fridges first-hand instead, you can visit our showrooms in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. You are also very welcome to send us an e-mail or call us if you have any questions.


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