Choose a large wine fridge with ample capacity

At Wineandbarrels, you can explore a wide range of large wine fridges that provide ample space to store and display your wine collection. Our wine coolers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also ensure that your wine is stored at the ideal temperature. We offer a variety of sizes and materials to match your unique needs and style so you can find the ideal wine fridge.

Get the ultimate storage solution with a large wine fridge

A large wine fridge can be an excellent addition to any wine enthusiast's collection. At Wineandbarrels, we offer a range of wine fridges that provide enough storage space to house all of your favourite bottles.

Our large-capacity wine coolers are designed to hold dozens of bottles at a time, allowing you to store your wine collection in one convenient location. With different models and sizes available, you can choose the perfect wine fridge to suit your space and storage needs.

Whether you're a casual wine drinker or a serious collector, our large wine fridges are sure to meet your expectations and keep your wine at the ideal temperature and humidity level.

Store your most precious bottles in a large wine fridge

A large wine fridge is a perfect solution for wine collectors who want to store their larger wine collection in a safe and controlled environment. Our fridges are specifically designed to keep your wine collection at the optimal temperature and humidity, and you can rest assured that your wine bottles are stored in the best possible conditions. Additionally, they will be ready to enjoy whenever you are.

If you want to be able to store different types of wine simultaneously, you should choose a wine cooler with dual temperature zones. With this type of fridge, you can store red wine, white wine, and sparkling wine all at the same time and have the bottles prepared for serving.

Should I choose a built-in or freestanding wine fridge?

Whether you should get a large built-in or freestanding wine fridge depends on your needs and habits. A freestanding fridge has finished sides, which means that you can place it almost anywhere you like.

A built-in wine fridge is placed among the kitchen cabinets just as any other module, such as a dishwasher, would. This means that the unit becomes a natural part of the kitchen, and you get easy access to your favourite bottles.

At Wineandbarrels, you can also get variants that are both freestanding and built-in. This way, you do not have to swap out your wine fridge if you decide to relocate it.

Check out our smaller under-cabinet wine fridges

At Wineandbarrels, you can get fridges in various sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your storage requirements. If you do not need a large wine fridge, you can also choose one of our smaller variants, such as an under-cabinet wine cooler that is great for the kitchen.

We offer a wide range of under-cabinet wine fridges that fit seamlessly into your kitchen or bar area. These small wine coolers are perfect for those who want to store a limited number of wine bottles close by while keeping them at the optimal temperature.

Our under-cabinet wine fridges come in various sizes and designs, and they are suitable for different types of wine bottles. Whether you prefer red, white, or sparkling wine, we have the perfect under-cabinet wine fridge for you. Check out our selection and find the ideal model that suits your preferences today.

Install your large wine fridge the right way

Installing your new large wine cooler safely involves a few important steps. If you decide to pick up the cooler instead of having it delivered, remember to make sure that it remains upright during transportation to avoid damaging the compressor or cooling system.

Once you have found a suitable location for your wine cooler, you should wait 24-48 hours before you connect it to ensure that the unit is stable and level. To avoid breakdowns, use an earth connection plug when connecting your large wine fridge.

After installation, avoid overfilling the cooler to allow for proper air circulation and a consistent temperature in the cooling zone. Your new wine cooler will consume more energy in the beginning as it cools down the bottles, and it may produce louder noises and start and stop more frequently. This is very normal in the beginning.


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