Get an elegant wood wine cooler

Explore the handmade wood wine coolers in exclusive quality at Wineandbarrels and store your favourite bottles at the ideal serving temperature at all times. We offer several variants in different sizes and designs, which allows you to choose the cabinet that suits your personal taste and needs best.

Elegant wood wine coolers for your favourite wines

Take a look at our large selection of exclusive wine coolers in solid wood. All cabinets are made by hand and assembled from components of the highest quality. This gives a product of superior and consistent quality.

The wood wine coolers are exclusive, beautiful, impressive, and can easily be integrated into your home. The wine fridges are timeless, and you will get a wooden wine cooler that you want to look at for many years. This type of cooler gives the best presentation of your precious wines while storing them at the best temperature.

Our range of wine coolers in wood includes smaller cabinets for you with a small wine collection as well as larger variants with plenty of space for many wine bottles. You can also choose between cabinets with one cooling zone or several cooling zones, which allows you to store reds and whites at the same time. We have a wine cabinet for every wine lover.

Get built-in or freestanding wood wine coolers

At Wineandbarrels, you can get both freestanding and built-in wood wine coolers. This means that whether you prefer the seamless integration of a built-in wood wine cooler that seamlessly blends with your cabinetry or the versatility of a freestanding wood wine fridge that can be placed anywhere you desire, we have the perfect solution for your wine storage needs.

Discover the harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics with our built-in or freestanding wine coolers, and take your wine storage experience to new heights. The natural beauty and timeless elegance of our built-in or freestanding wood wine coolers fit in almost anywhere, and you will not want to stow these cabinets away.


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