Get optimal storage space with a tall wine fridge

Are you looking for a good storage solution for your wines? At Wineandbarrels, you can choose tall wine fridges that give you a great storage capacity. These fridges allow you to utilise the height of a room, as they are just a bit higher than our standard height wine coolers.

See our selection of tall wine fridges at Wineandbarrels

At Wineandbarrels, we offer a great selection of tall wine fridges that are designed to provide ample storage space for your wine collection. These fridges can accommodate a large number of bottles while taking up minimal floor space so that you can make the most of the room.

Our tall wine fridges come in different sizes and configurations, with various features such as dual temperature zones, adjustable shelves, and LED lighting. Whether you need a wine fridge for your apartment or a large wine cellar, we have a model that will suit your needs and preferences. Browse our selection online or visit our showrooms to see our products up close.

Make the most of your space with a tall wine fridge

If you have limited space but want to store a large quantity of wine, a tall wine fridge may be the perfect solution for you. These fridges have a narrow design that takes up minimal floor space while maximising storage capacity when it comes to height.

At Wineandbarrels, we offer a range of tall wine coolers in different sizes and styles to suit your needs and taste. Our fridges feature advanced cooling technology to ensure your wine is stored at the perfect temperature and adjustable shelving to accommodate various bottle sizes. Additionally, their sleek and stylish designs will make a great addition to any home.

Choose a tall wine fridge with multiple temperature zones

Choosing a tall wine fridge with multiple temperature zones is a great option for wine enthusiasts who store different types of wine that require different storage temperatures. Red and white wine has two different ideal temperatures, as you should store red wine at around 17°C and white wine at about 7°C.

A multi-zone wine cooler can maintain separate temperature ranges in different sections, allowing you to store red, white, and sparkling wines at their ideal temperatures simultaneously. This feature ensures that each bottle is stored in the perfect conditions for preservation and ageing, maintaining the quality and taste of your wine collection. They are a popular choice for wine enthusiasts who want to keep their collection in optimal surroundings while also having the flexibility to store a variety of wine types in the same unit. This way, you can make sure that you always have various bottles ready for serving.

At Wineandbarrels, we offer a range of tall wine fridges with multiple temperature zones to meet your storage needs. Among our selection, you can get just the right variant for your favourite wines.

Built-in versus freestanding

When considering a wine fridge, it is important to think about where you want to place it. Will it be installed in your kitchen, pantry, or garage? At Wineandbarrels, we offer built-in and freestanding wine coolers, so you can choose the variant that suits you best.

The built-in fridge is incorporated into the surrounding cupboards, making it a seamless part of your kitchen. This way, it becomes a natural part of the cabinetry. On the other hand, the freestanding options have finished sides and can be placed almost anywhere, providing flexibility and easy relocation, should you wish to do so.

Explore our other types of wine fridges

At Wineandbarrels, we offer a wide range of wine fridges from several brands that cater to different needs and preferences. Apart from the tall wine fridge, we also have other types, such as under-counter wine fridges and dual-zone wine fridges. Our under-counter wine fridges are perfect for those who have limited space, as they can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen cabinetry.

If you have both red and white wines that require different temperature settings, our dual-zone wine fridges are the best choice for you. And if you do not have enough room for a tall wine fridge, we have smaller variants that have the same multi-zone function. No matter what your needs are, we have a wine fridge that can meet your requirements.


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