A built-in wine cooler is the perfect solution for the modern home

Are you looking for a built-in wine cooler? Wineandbarrels has the largest and greatest selection of built-in and integrated wine coolers in the UK.


What is a built-in wine cooler? 

Most built-in wine coolers are 60 cm wide with a fresh air intake at the front bottom. This means that you can replace a normal 60 cm kitchen cabinet in your kitchen and install the wine fridge instead. The air intake at the front keeps the wine fridge cooled at all time. If you wish to keep your kitchen cabinet, and integrate the wine fridge into the furniture, please take a look on our section for integrated wine coolers. Are you specifically looking for a undercounter wine fridge, we also have a specific section for that: Undercounter.


Today many people choose a wine cooler that can be built into a kitchen or utility room. It provides a nice unit when the wine cooler is built into the existing kitchen units.

Several of our wine coolers for integration fits under the table top and has the same size as an ordinary 60s cabinet.

Other models can be built into a tall cabinet.

Several of our models for integration pulls heat out at the bottom and you don't need to make special ventilation behind or on the sides.

All of these models for integration are also suitable for standing alone in a room.