Built-in wine coolers

Are you looking for a practical wine cooler for all your favourite wines? A built-in wine cooler is a perfect solution for the modern home when you want to be able to store your wine bottles ideally. Wineandbarrels offers a large selection of built-in and integrated wine coolers so that you can take good care of your wine collection.

What is a built-in wine cooler?

A built-in wine cooler is a type of wine fridge that can be placed wherever you would have placed a regular kitchen cabinet. This type of wine storage can be built into a kitchen or utility room because this allows you to easily access your favourite wines. Additionally, it provides a nice unit that becomes a natural part of your kitchen when the wine cooler is built into your existing units.

Most built-in wine fridges are about 60 centimetres, which is the width of a standard kitchen cabinet. These models have a fresh air intake at the front bottom, which keeps the fridge cooled at all times. It is important that this should never be blocked as it can cause overheating.

At Wineandbarrels, our built-in wine coolers are also freestanding if you do not wish to install your new fridge as a part of your kitchen. These variants allow you to place your wine cooler pretty much wherever you want. For example, you can place it in the garage if the room is protected against frost.

Get an undercounter wine cooler

Are you specifically looking for an undercounter wine fridge? At Wineandbarrels, we also offer smaller wine coolers that fit great underneath a countertop. This variant becomes a natural part of your kitchen, edged in between your cabinets, and it makes it easy for you to access your most precious wine bottles. That way, you can easily grab a perfectly tempered bottle of wine whenever you want.

Choose between built-in, freestanding, or integrated wine coolers

Besides built-in wine coolers, we also offer freestanding and integrated models. Our built-in variants are also freestanding, which means that you can use them underneath or beside your countertop. You can also place your new freestanding wine cooler almost anywhere else - as long as there is a power outlet nearby.

An integrated wine cooler means that it is seamlessly integrated into your kitchen and becomes a natural part of the other units and cabinets. Several of our wine coolers for integration fit under the tabletop and have the same size as an ordinary kitchen cabinet.

Most of our models for integration pull heat out at the bottom, so you do not need to make special ventilation behind or on the sides.

Installing your new wine cooler

When you need to install your wine cooler, there are a few steps that you need to follow. If you pick it up instead of having it delivered, it is important that you have it stand upright during the transport. The cooling system and compressor in the fridge can be damaged otherwise.

Once you have placed your new wine cooler where you want it to be, you should wait 24-48 hours before connecting it. It needs to stand completely still in a levelled position. When connecting your new built-in wine fridge, you need to use an earth connection plug. Some variants risk breaking down if you do not.

When it is time to organise and fill your wine fridge, you should avoid filling it too much. There should be room enough for the air to circulate inside the wine cooler because that way, you make sure there is a constant temperature in the cooling zone.

In the beginning, the wine cooler will use a lot of energy, as it needs to cool down all the bottles. And seeing as the cooling system runs for the very first time, it may make a louder sound than usual, and it will also stop and start more times than it will do subsequently. This goes for freestanding wine coolers as well as the built-in or integrated ones.

Discover our many models of built-in wine coolers at Wineandbarrels and find yours today. That way, you can store wine at just the right temperature and level of humidity.


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