View your new wine cooler in your home, before you buy!

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View your new wine cooler in your home, before you buy!


Our new Augmented Reality-technology helps you when buying a new wine cooler or wine rack.

Picture this scenario. You have decided to buy a new wine cooler for your precious bottles. You’ve done a ton of research online, and you know exactly where the wine cooler is going to be placed, its size and the number of cooling zones you need. There is only one problem. How will the wine cooler actually look in your home? Will it take up too much space? Will it look so much better in the living room instead of the kitchen?


Our new Augmented Reality-technology (AR) gives you the answers to these questions in only a few minutes. This cutting-edge technology lets you see your new wine cooler or wine rack in your home, before you buy.


How to use Augmented Reality:

1. Access an AR-enabled product from your smartphone.

2. On the product page click on “See the product in your living room”.

3. Click on the AR-symbol in the bottom right corner of your screen and move your smartphone until the product appears.

4. You are now able to place the product, walk around it and assess whether it is a good fit for your home.


Please note: The AR-technology only works from your smartphone. On your desktop you will be able to see a 360 view of the products. Currently only selected wine coolers and wine racks are AR-enabled.


This short video shows you how to use AR on your smartphone:






Pevino NG 39 bottles - dual zone

Caverack 40 bottles - pine

Pevino NG 46 bottles - single zone

Caverack 30 bottles - pine


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