October's selected showcase

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October's selected showcase

Fusion of functionality and aesthetics = 8 sqm of wine luxury

Every month we select the showcase of the month. It can be a wine cellar, a wine room or a nice installation of a wine cooler.

EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE - All you have to do is send one or more pictures of your installation (purchased from us), and then we will select a winner every month.
You send the photos and participate in the competition at the same time to info@wineandbarrels.com.
This year's showcase wins a prize worth DKK 10,000.


Customer: Privat

Modules: Pevino wine coolers and Caverack wineracks

Bottle capacity: approx. 350 bottles

Location: Fredericia  


Fusion of functionality and aesthetics = 8 sqm of wine luxury

There are few things in life that can be compared to the pleasure that arises when you step into a wine room filled with delicious wine and a good sense of both functionality and aesthetics. This is how Morten and his wife feel when they enter their wine room, which Wineandbarrels has helped to furnish. 

A wine lover’s dream

For many wine lovers, including the October showcase winner, the dream of a dedicated wine room or wine cellar has always been in the back of their minds. When Morten and his wife decided to buy a new house, the idea of creating such a room was part of their considerations.
They had the opportunity to decorate both a traditional wine cellar and a wine room in their new home, but the choice fell on a wine room inside the house itself, and the reason was quite simple: accessibility. For Morten, it was important that their wine room not only served as a place to store their wine, but also had a practical function. It was supposed to be a place they actually used and where they could enjoy their wine.

Aesthetic and functional design

The wine room was therefore furnished as an extension of the kitchen-living room and living room, with large windows facing the living room and a beautiful view of the Little Belt. “We are extremely satisfied with the wine room,” says Morten. The glass until the wine room is 'bronze-coloured', which makes the room appear warmer and more inviting. 
The room itself is not cooled down, as the desire for a utility room was higher than a storage room. To maintain optimal conditions for the wines, two Pevino wine coolers have therefore been installed – one for red wine and one for white wine, rosé and champagne. This allows Morten to have wines ready to serve at the right temperature. 
Pevino wine coolers are fitted with presentation shelves, which means that the labels on the bottles face outwards and present the wines beautifully. The shelves are also fully extendable. This not only makes it easier to find the right bottle, but it is also a visual pleasure to look at the collection.

With room for 350 bottles, this room is almost like a treasure chest for wine lovers. The room is about 8 square metres in size, and in addition to the wine coolers, the room is furnished with Caverack wine racks, which house Morten’s wide wine collection. 
Morten and his wife often use their wine rooms, both before dinner when they want to welcome guests with a refreshing aperitif and after dinner when they want to end the evening in style. 
“Wineandbarrels came up with some really good solutions for the room, and the collaboration has been very good,” says Morten. 
Morten’s wine room is not just a place for storing wines, it is a place for memories, togetherness and joy. It’s a reminder of how wine can be more than just a drink; it can be an experience shared with those we love and love. 

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Vinrum med Caverack by Wineandbarrels


Vinrum by Wineandbarrels

Vinrum Wineandbarrels


Vinrum med Wineandbarrels - Pevino






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