1. Interview: Say It With Champers

    Interview: Say It With Champers

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      Didier Penine is founder of the personalised Champagne company Say It With Champers, that is based in the UK. Didier comes from at long line of French Champagne producers and is a passioned Champagne connoisseur himself. We...

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  2. In the shop Ė Premium wine coolers for the new decade

    In the shop Ė Premium wine coolers for the new decade

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    Pevino is one of the most popular brands amongst wine lovers, and not without reason. The Danish wine coolers are market leaders in the interaction between quality, design and function, and there is a model for even the most discerning wine lover. Pevino recently launched their New Generation series as their take on a wine cooler for the new decade.

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  3. How to hold a wine glass

    How to hold a wine glass

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    Here you will find the explanation to why there is a proper way of holding a wine glass. There is a professional reason to swirl the wine in the glass! Do it properly and make your taste buds happy.

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