Danish design and high quality. Energy efficiency and stability.

Made in Denmark

For more than 25 years Vestfrost has been manufacturing wine coolers in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Back then, customers were mainly wine merchants or from the hospitality industry.
Growing interest in collecting wine among private consumers has enabled Vestfrost to provide high quality wine coolers for the homes of many wine enthusiasts.

Extraordinarily high and stable quality has always been the hallmark to all of Vestfrost products. Their wine coolers are no exception to this.

Several times Vestfrost has topped the podium in comparative reviews with similar products.
Vestfrost is among the manufacturers of wine coolers who are most often labelled Best in Test various consumer magazines worldwide.

Wine fridges that fits most kitchen cabinets

Many of the wine cooler cabinets from Vestfrost are suitable to put in a kitchen. The dimensions of the coolers fit the standard measurements of 60 cm by 60 cm, which is perfect for most kitchen cabinets. Particularly the depth of 60 centimeters is where the wine coolers from Vestfrost stand out from the crowd. Most other cabinets measure around 67 centimeters in depth due to placement of the refrigeration compressor.

Integrable wine cooler

A few of the Vestfrost wine coolers are suitable for direct installation into a kitchen cabinet, but most other models fit standard kitchen outer dimensions to be placed next to a cabinet being perfectly aligned with the edge of cabinets or a table top. This abilty to align perfectly makes especially the large wine coolers from Vestfrost look very nice in a combination with your kitchen.

The cabinet design is finished in a distinctively stylish and timeless Danish design.

Wine fridges with multiple cooling zones

The wine coolers from Vestfrost are available with one or two temperature zones, but also as a so-called multi-zone cabinet. Multi-zone means that there are several cooling zones in the cabinet: coldest at the top, and warmest at the bottom with an average temperature in the center cooling zone.

From the wide range of cabinets with different cooling zones you can always find a cabinet that will fit perfectly to the needs of your bottles.
If you wish to keep a good selection of wines ready for serving, it would be ideal for you you to consider a two-zone wine cooler. If you are looking for long-term storage of wine at a constant temperature, a single-zone wine cabinet is just fine.

Whatever you choose, your wine will be guaranteed the best storage conditions with a wine cooler from Vestfrost.

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