Integrated wine coolers for your kitchen

At Wineandbarrels, you can find a selection of integrated wine coolers that stores your wine bottles at an ideal temperature. These variants are fitted seamlessly into your kitchen, giving you a nice and discreet result while making it easy to access your favourite wines.

Experience our selection of integrated wine coolers

Wineandbarrels offers integrated wine coolers that blend into your kitchen in a seamless and smooth way. This type of wine fridge is placed in the existing cabinetry, so your wine storage is not visible when the kitchen doors are closed.

The integrated wine coolers are available in different sizes and designs, and you can get variants with dual temperature zones, making it possible to store both reds and whites simultaneously.

Integrated wine coolers in a minimalist design

Our wine coolers blend seamlessly into your existing interior while ensuring you always have a perfectly tempered wine within reach. If you choose an integrated wine cooler that resembles the other appliances in your kitchen, you are guaranteed a consistent solution that looks highly elegant.

Wine fridges from Wineandbarrels are simple and stylish, equipped with a glass door to get a peak at your wine collection. This design adds a modern touch and will fit nicely into most kitchens. The wine coolers come in materials such as stainless steel or black glass. That way, you can choose the variant that suits your kitchen best.

What is an integrated wine cooler?

In short, an integrated wine cooler is a fridge that can be placed inside an existing kitchen module. The front and door are slightly wider than the actual wine cooler, so the cupboard – seen from the outside – takes up the whole module’s space and has the same width as the dishwasher or oven, for example.

An integrated wine cooler is perfect if you always want to be able to access wine at the right temperature. The integrated variants for the kitchen are rarely used for long-term storage but more often to ensure that there is always ready-to-drink wine in the fridge.

In most cases, an integrated wine cooler does not hold a large capacity because it is mainly used for serving purposes and not long-term storage. However, if you have enough room in the kitchen and want to store or display a larger part of your collection here, Wineandbarrels have a selection of larger, integrable wine coolers as well.

Before you buy a integrated wine cooler

There are some things you should consider before purchasing a wine cooler. The first part is ensuring the cooler has proficient space for the bottles you wish to store. Do you want a fridge that accommodates a smaller selection of wines? Or do you buy wine in larger quantities and need more storage space?

If you only need room for a small number of bottles, you can install an integrated wine cooler under the counter. However, if you are looking for a wine fridge that holds more than 100 bottles, you should consider exploring our larger variants.

We offer wine coolers with a hygrometer that allows you to keep an eye on the humidity level. The level should be about 50-80%. You can also choose a model that keeps the humidity at a pre-set level.

Integrated wine coolers with dual temperature zones

You can choose a wine cooler with one temperature zone or dual temperature zones. The single-zone fridge keeps one stable temperature that simulates the conditions that appear in a wine cellar. This choice is optimal if you are looking for long-term storage.

A wine cooler with dual temperature zones is preferred if you want to keep your wines ready for serving. This type of fridge has two or more zones, allowing you to cool red and white wine in the same fridge simultaneously.

See our built-in and freestanding wine coolers

Besides integrated wine coolers, we also have built-in and freestanding fridges. The built-in cooler is similar to the integrated fridge. However, a built-in cooler is added between the existing cabinetry. It is designed to completely replace a kitchen unit, as this variant is its own module, just like the dishwasher or oven.

A freestanding wine cooler has finished sides, meaning you can place it where you like. Therefore, this type of fridge can easily be relocated if you want to renovate your kitchen or move to a new home, for example.

Learn more about our products

If you are considering getting an integrated wine cooler, Wineandbarrels offers a wide selection to fit your requirements. And if you need inspiration or have any product inquiries, our customer service is available to help you. You are always welcome to call or send us an e-mail.

Do you want to decorate an entire wine cellar? You can use our custom design tool that allows you to visualise the entire room. This way, you can organise and decorate an optimal storage solution for all your wines. The tool lets you decide where to place and how to combine our products so that you can get the most optimal space for your precious bottles.

If you want to take a good look at our products, you can experience them first-hand when you visit our showrooms in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. We look forward to helping you.


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