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Take good care of your wine collection with a new freestanding wine cooler. At Wineandbarrels, we offer a great selection of wine fridges in several designs with a large bottle capacity. A freestanding wine cooler can be placed almost anywhere you like, and you can store all of your favourite wines at the ideal temperature.

Choose a freestanding wine cooler from Wineandbarrels

With a freestanding wine cooler, you can store all your wonderful wines optimally, ensuring that your red or white wines are at just the right temperature. This cooler can be installed wherever you like and where it makes sense in your home.

Our wine coolers come in several designs and sizes, allowing you to store all your wines. Additionally, you can store beverages, such as beer and soft drinks. This means that you do not take up space in your regular fridge.

What is a freestanding wine cooler?

A freestanding wine cooler can be placed almost anywhere there is enough space because it has finished sides. Freestanding fridges do not require panelling but can stand on their own. For that reason, you can place it in your kitchen, in the pantry or in the garage, and it can easily be moved later on. Ultimately, it is a versatile product that can be relocated if needed.

Benefits of our freestanding wine coolers

A freestanding wine cooler is a great choice in many cases. The most optimal benefit of a freestanding wine cooler is the fact that you can relocate it if you wish to renovate your kitchen, for example. This variant is highly versatile.

Additionally, our freestanding wine fridges come in many designs and sizes. You can get a cooler that will store your precious wine bottles at just the right temperature. The bottles are also kept steady in the wine cooler, as vibrations can have a negative effect on your wine.

What to consider before buying a wine cooler

Before you buy a new wine cooler, you should consider a few things. First, you should ensure that the fridge has enough storage space for your wine collection. Do you only need room for a smaller selection of your wines? Or do you usually buy a larger amount of wine that you wish to store at the same time? Our fridges come in many sizes, so you will surely be able to find a variant that suits your needs.

If you need a wine cooler that holds more than 100 bottles, you have to look among our selection of larger variants. However, if you only need room for about 50 bottles, you can choose one of our under-counter wine coolers that will fit nicely into your kitchen. This way, you can make sure that some of your best wines are close by if you have unexpected guests, for example.

Some of our wine coolers have a hygrometer. This allows you to monitor the humidity level inside the fridge, which needs to be around 50-80%. We also have a few models that keep the humidity at a pre-set level, so you do not have to worry about it.

Built-in, integrated, or freestanding?

You must also consider where you want to place your new wine fridge. Do you wish to install it in the kitchen? Or do you have a pantry or a garage where you can place it? You can choose between a built-in, freestanding, or integrated fridge. The built-in wine cooler is built into the surrounding cabinetry of your kitchen, meaning that it is its own module.

An integrated fridge and a built-in fridge are very similar, but the difference is that the integrated variant is placed within the existing cabinetry, meaning it needs to be placed in a module. It is fitted seamlessly into the kitchen, and the fridge is not visible when the kitchen door is closed.

As opposed to the built-in cooler, the freestanding fridge has finished sides, so you can place it almost anywhere you want. This fridge is also easy to relocate if you move to a new home or want to renovate your kitchen.

Should I choose a wine fridge with one or two temperature zones?

It is a good idea to contemplate whether you want a fridge optimal for long-term or short-term storage. Generally, there are two different wine coolers to choose from. The single-zone wine fridge has one stable temperature that recreates conditions similar to that of a wine cellar. This is great for storing your wine for a longer period of time.

You can also get wine coolers with dual temperature zones, which are ideal if you want to be able to keep different bottles ready for serving at any time. This variant has two or more zones, meaning you can store reds and whites in the same fridge at the same time.

Power consumption of a wine cooler

The amount of electricity a wine cooler uses varies, as the power consumption depends on different factors. For example, the number of temperature zones plays a part. However, a rule of thumb is that most wine refrigerators use around 150–250 kW/year.

To make it simple for you, all our wine coolers are labelled with an energy label. This way, you are able to easily navigate our selection and pick out the fridge that suits you best. And if you are specifically looking for a low-energy variant, you should explore our fridges from Pevino, as they have a low consumption of electricity.

Other things you can store in a wine fridge

If you buy a wine cooler, the purpose is probably to store wine. However, besides your favourite wine, you can store other beverages in your new fridge as well. You can keep beer, sodas, and mineral water in the cooler if your regular refrigerator is already filled up or you simply do not want to take up space here. Actually, beer and wine have very similar needs when speaking of storing and aging, so a wine fridge is ideal for the golden beverage as well.

We do not recommend using the wine cooler for foods such as cheese and chocolate in a wine fridge because the emission of vapours can damage the mechanical elements in the cooler.

Before installing your new freestanding wine cooler

Have you found your new wine cooler, and are you ready to bring it home? If you pick up the fridge yourself, it is important to make sure it stands upright during transport. Otherwise, you might risk the compressor and cooling system becoming damaged. If you do not want to risk this, you may consider having it delivered by professionals.

Once you have placed your wine cooler in your home, it is best to wait 24-48 hours before connecting power to the cabinet. The fridge must stand still after transport, and you should also ensure it is in a levelled position.

You should use an earth connection plug, when you connect your wine cooler. This is important for your own safety because otherwise, you risk the wine cooler breaking down.

When you are ready to fill the fridge with wine, it is important to make room for the air to circulate through the wine cooler, so there is a constant temperature in the cooling zone.


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