Caso wine coolers allow you to enjoy your wine at the right temperature or to store your wine for a long time.

The multi-layered glass doors insulate perfectly against heat and cold. The special UV protection in the glass door protects the wine effectively against UV light.

The temperature is electronically adjustable in all zones and there is a beautiful blue LED lighting inside the cabinet.

Caso wine cainets are in a timeless and modern design that fits most homes. The selection is large and there are wine cabinets in many different sizes and models, which makes for something to suit all tastes.

Caso wine fridges - the different models

The range of wine coolers from Caso can be identified by the nickname "Wine". The number according to the model name indicates the capacity of the wine cabinet in standard bordeaux bottles.

The series, called WineSafe, is always wine coolers with a single temperature zone. Fine examples are Caso WineSafe 18 and WineSafe 137.

Wine cabinets with two temperature zones from Caso are called WineComfort, which can be seen at Caso WineComfort 38 and Caso WineComfort 180.

Wine cabinets of all sizes

The wide selection makes wine cabinets available in many different sizes.

All the way from very small cabinets for just 12 bottles and up to 192 bottles in the largest closets.

There are wine fridges in many different widths that allow you to find a cabinet that fits almost anywhere in a home.

Power saving wine fridge

Many Caso wine coolers are low-energy consumption in energy class A. This allows you to install a wine cabinet in your home without the electricity meter running out of order.



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