High quality from the world-renowned Eurocave at a competitive price!


The world's best cheap wine cooler - The sensible little brother

An Artevino wine cabinet is a solid, well and sensibly priced alternative to the EuroCave wine coolers.

Artevino is a separate base brand of wine coolers produced by EuroCave using other materials.

Keep it simple 

All the wine cabinets from Artevino focus on creating the optimal conditions for good storage of wine.
It's really quite simple, and it's all about constant temperature, proper humidity, good air circulation, no vibrations and good shelves.



Wine coolers for cold rooms

In addition to cooling to the right temperature, all Artevino coolers have a built-in heating function that allows you to put your wine cooler in a cold room, such as a frost-free(!) shed or a garage.

Artevino's operating area, as they so elegantly call it in France, is at an ambient temperature between 0 and 35°C.

All cabinets from Artevino are freestanding and not suitable for installation. Artevino is simply back to basics without too many frills.


Wine coolers and nothing else

Here it is the well-being of your bottles that is in focus, and not so much else. You can have different opinions about the appearance.

Some find the cabinets boring, while others find them simple and neat in their expression.

Others again are completely indifferent, since the cabinet must stand in a place where it does not necessarily have to decorate, and that functionality is the only thing that is important in a wine fridge.



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