Liebherr wine cabinets are your guarantee of the epitome of exclusive wine cabinets. 





Vinidor, Vinothek and GrandCru serving and storage wineries

With a wine cooler from Liebherr you are guaranteed a very good quality.

The wine fridges are produced by German Liebherr, who are known worldwide for their quality, design and usefulness.

Liebherr is among the few on the market manufacturing 3-zone wine coolers and stepless adjustable LED lighting.

Liebherr GrandCru

The GrandCru series from Liebherr is specifically designed to provide optimal conditions for long-term storage of your wines. The series is characterized by being low-energy wine cabinets with labels from A to A++.

If you are looking for maximum capacity and minimum energy consumption, the Liebherr GrandCru WKt 6451 is perfect with room for 312 bottles and an energy label at A+.

The GrandCru series is only available as single temperature zone wine coolers.

Liebherr Vinidor

The Liebherr Vinidor series offers the ultimate flexibility by combining the benefits of storage wine cabinets and multi-zone wine coolers in one and the same unit. The wine coolers are available with either two or three separate temperature zones, all of which can be individually set to a temperature between +5°C and +20°C.

In the cabinets with three zones, you can have a zone for white and sparkling wines, a zone for ready to serve red wine and finally a last zone for long-term storage of wine.

A wine refrigerator with three separate temperature zones is a quite a rarity and the Liebherr Vinidor WTes 5872 manages the task of storing up to 178 bottles to perfection.

The Liebherr Vinidor Series can thus take good care of any collection of wines.

Liebherr Vinothek

Vinothek is the series of wine refrigerators with several temperature zones especially suitable for storing different types of wine at the ideal serving temperature. The specially designed wine coolers from Liebherr keep spherical invisible layers of different temperatures within the cabinet.

Red wine can be stored at 18°C in the upper section, the lower section with a temperature of 5°C is perfect for storing sparkling wine or dessert wine and the center zone is ideal for fullbodied white wine, light red wine and rosé wine at serving temperature.

The Vinothek series from Liebherr is available in many sizes. Most popular is probably Liebherr Vinothek WKb 4212, with a capacity of 200 Bordeaux wine bottles.


The wine cabinets are produced by German Liebherr, who are known worldwide for their quality and design.

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