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It can be a bit of a challenge to seek out a wine cooler when you have gotten into the idea of ??storing your wine the best possible way. The product range is enormous, variables seem almost endless and everyone has individual preferences, not to mention budgets.

We will try guiding you around some of the aspects you normally consider when purchasing a wine cooler.

Basically there are two ways of using a wine cooler.

Consumption or storage

The wine cooler is to some people considered a serving tool you use in your daily life. Here the idea is that you always have a stock of bottles ready to open whenever you feel like it. You keep a few extra bottles of red, white, rosé, bubbles or dessert wine ready for an unplanned or spontaneous situation. Or a carefully planned situation, for that matter.

A wine cooler that meets this function best is a cooler with two or more temperature zones. The concept is that in one zone you keep whites, sparkling and other wines for immediate serving at a temperature about 7-8°C. In the other zone you have the red wines prepared for service at about 17-18°C. You are primarily looking for a dual-zone wine cooler if this is the primary purpose intended for your wine cooler.

Another way of using a wine refrigerator is for the purpose of long term storage. Here it is all about quiet, stability and stable temperature. The ideal cellar holds a stable temperature arond 10 to 15°C, a relative humidity around 75 percent and out of the light. Such a wine cellar actually can be set up inside a cabinet, namely a single temperature zone wine cooler.

Other factors

Additionally, there are options to consider such as energy consumption, noise level or whether the wine cooler is suitable to be installed in a cold room, and thus capable of keeping the bottles warmer than the surrounding room temperature.

The big question of course is how much storage capacity you need. Or how big a cabinet you have room for. Is it important that the cabinet can be built into your kitchen or are you looking for a free standing wine cooler?

All our wine coolers are of the highest quality. Some of the more luxurious brands such as PeVino, PeVino Pro, and Swisscave have a prioritized view on design along with the functionalities of the wine cooler itself.

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The best prices on wine coolers designed to provide optimal conditions for your wine! 

PeVino - The Ultimate Wine Cooler

PeVino serie is the very best when it comes to storage of wine for the selective wine enthusiast. Here is all you need in a single cabinet. And on top of that it looks great.

PeVino Pro - as close you can get to an actual wine cellar in one unit

PeVino Pro Series are the ultimate wine coolers for the selective wine enthusiast. Here is all you need in a single cabinet. And on top of that it looks great.
Depending on what model you choose, you can store between 280 and 320 bottles.

Vinobox - Wine coolers at the best price on the market

Find a wine cabinet that suits your needs. Choose either from our X serie in which you can put together your own wine cabinet in 3 different sizes and choose between black or stainless steel front, and with 1 or 2 cooling zones (2 different temperatures at top and bottom). Or choose a wine cabinet from our Y series with custom cabinets suitable for long term storage and cabinets for installation in a kitchen unit.

Swisscave - Deluxe wine cooler

If you want a luxury wine cooler, with exclusive details such as for example extendable shelfs with telescopics rails with balls bearings and a exquisite deluxe design, then choose a Swisscave.
Directly from the manufacturer Wineandbarrels A/S is the distributor of PeVino, Vinobox and Swisscave wine cooler/cabinets. Showroom
If you would like to see and experience at firsthand the quality of our professional wine coolers come and visit us in our showroom in Denmark.