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Champagne sabre NAPOLEON - Handmade saber

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This sabre is crafted from high quality chrome steel.

Sabre length: 57 cm

Total length with handle: 68 cm

Opening a bottle of champagne with a sabre is fun, spectacular and a highlight of any festive occasion.

We recommend using the back of the blade (the blunt, thick edge) when opening a bottle of champagne. This is to avoid nicks in the blade on the sharp side (Napoleon also used the back of the sabre to keep the blade sharp and battle-ready).

How to sabre a bottle of champagne
Lead the sabre along the side of the bottle in a steady and precise movement until it reaches the collar just under the cork. The trick is to strike the collar exactly where the glass has been fused together. A thin seam running the length of the bottle shows where the glass has been fused. When you hit the collar exactly there, the pressure in the bottle will make the glass shatter and explode. At the same time all the glass shards and splinters will be ejected together with the cork.

A champagne saber is a household tool
The saber is purely for the purposes of opening champagne. It is not allowed to be sharpened. Maintain the saber with a thin layer of acid free oil on the edge.


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